About a Girl

Who is agirlcallededdy? I am a pragmatic, romantic, extroverted Aries. I like new places and new things. I like to write. I like to laugh. I like to sit on a bench of philosophize. I'm wild about sweet potatoes and almond milk. I'm alittle bit New York, a little bit country, a little bit England, and a little bit mid-west.

This blog started several years ago with no particular focus. Just a place for a gal who used to keep journals to jot down some random thoughts. In August 2010 it got a more particular focus, --  to chronicle my weight loss journey. From August 2010 to August 2011, I lost 100 lbs.

Then I moved to Phoenix. Tried to run, couldn't breathe. Got pregnant. Had baby girl #3. Got a ruptured disc in my L4/L5. Next thing I knew, I had gained 70lbs back and was clocking in at 256lbs.

In June 2015, I signed up for the New Direction Very Low Calorie Diet plan. I've lost the 70lbs. I am within 5 lbs of my previous low adult weight. Different experience this time - different struggles - but this blog is my story.

Cast of Characters. Me referred to as "Eddy". Hubs, my great love who I've been married to since 2004. We have 3 little ladies who keep life busy!

Today this blog is mostly my internal thoughts on a range of topics. It is about where I've been and where I want to be. It is part pep talk, part memoir, part nostalgia and part dream.

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