Saturday, January 21, 2017

America is still the best thing going (ie. I voted for Trump Part 2)

The second most read post on this blog was viewed by 2300+ people and titled Dear Republican Party.. or Dear Democrats. It was written with a heart in turmoil after Trump successfully triumphed over Hillary Clinton last fall. I was honest for whom I voted for. I wanted friends, mostly liberal, to see, that you can - actually be educated - be a woman - with a vagina no less - and vote for a man for reasons unrelated to the blather that the mainstream media is forcing down our throats about Trump's alleged racism, sexism and whatever else they can come up with...

I have a similar feeling today. Man, I'm sorry folks. But if you marched today and couldn't even bring yourself to turn on the TV yesterday, you've got a problem. If you think you're capable of civil discourse and you can't even praise the peaceful transfer of power to a man who rightfully won the White House, then it's time to look in the mirror. In fact, as I was insulted and told to check my privilege last fall...  need I say mirror? I better stop....

Millions of Americans want a government who will leave them alone.
Millions of Americans believe that rights come from God, not the government.
Millions of Americans know that true charity comes from one neighbor to the next without a government mandate.
Millions of Americans see the consolidation of power in Washington while their local economies crumble and want DC to do less, be less, suck less life out of the rest of our country.
Millions of Americans understand that equality comes with empowerment of the individual thru liberty and freedom, not regulation and collective identity.
Millions of Americans want a shot at the American dream.

So march. You are free to do that. But you don't march for me.

As a woman who votes for more issues than her sexual reproductive rights, I will sit back and applaud. For the first time in many years, the left sees that fear of government and dissent is a real and even patriotic thing. Welcome back.  I know that feeling. So, the flipside of the coin is here. Use your voice. Use your purse. Vote with your feet and your wallet. You are free to do that. Stock food. Get your concealed carry license.. I'll take you to the range. Establish a charity for your issue of choice. But considering that Trump is no ideologue... Trump is not a true conservative... and Trump isn't a sexist, racist pig... you do yourselves and your cause a disservice for not even listening to what he says. America is still the best thing going, don't take it for granted or wish it away. #silentmajority

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elisamarie said...

I have read your blog from the beginning to now tonight. You are funny and thank you for sharing your life. I have to say, this is the best post I have read so far.