Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Until further notice: Celebrate Everything

I put a new cover photo up on my personal Facebook page today. It is a saying I also have above my kitchen sink:

Until Further Notice: Celebrate Everything

This saying really jumped out at me this morning as I had, in my own mind, every reason to start to get very downward spirally --- like - you know, that moment when you realize your going to be spouse-less next week with the kids due to spouses business travel, and missing the spouse for possibly a week out of each of the upcoming 4 months... and that fellowship you're hosting on Sunday afternoon in 105 degree desert heat when your ice maker is lacking and your floor is covered with juice box straw wrappers and crumbs from Smart Food and graham crackers. Little girl underwear are donning the floor in most of the rooms you enter and your husbands wrinkled shirts are forgotten in the dyer.... you know, that kind of thing. ... every reason to be downward spirally.

So, yeah.... Celebrate. That's what I've decided to do.

In other meaningless randomness, I happened upon a video today on Facebook. One of the fitness sites posted it. It was an interview with a gal who had lost 100lbs, and she talks about how, even after she lost the weight, she was still the same in that she thought she couldn't do stuff. It wasn't until she allowed herself to try... allowed herself to accept herself... that she was able to celebrate her body and all its strength and in her words, worth.

Celebrate your body. 

I've certainly been careening between pride in my bodily accomplishments and realism in that, well... it's just my body. But my body allows me to experience this life, in all of it's glory, and I feel so much stronger, so much healthier, so much more Eddy now that I am not afraid. Afraid of not fitting.. afraid of the muffin top... afraid of the huffing and puffing.. afraid of what I can't do.

Celebrate that you can. 

My cleanse went well. I'm done with it of course, and I wish I could say I've been good since. I haven't. Last week was tough. The kids were home during the first week of school which kept me from the gym. I picked up the kettlebell and made myself sore with that. I was having cardio withdrawal by Saturday and rode my bike to the gym early - it was closed. Go figure.

Celebrate good intentions.

This week is going better. I've gotten to the gym and gotten my cardio fix for the past 3 days. Running, stepping, rowing. Planking, squatting, lifting. I still sporting my momma belly but it's smaller and overall I feel pretty darn strong these days.

Celebrate strength. 

But it is in my weakness that I realize that I am just human, doing my human thing. We all fall down. We all fail. We all lift ourselves back up and keep on keepin on. There is no person that can deliver us from all the crumbs and wrinkled shirts and worse... God's strength is made perfect in weakness. He is the only one who can deliver us from this life.

Celebrate Him. 

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