Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A 5 Egg Day

So, I wasn't truly diligent in my chicken blogging... As of May, here is where we find ourselves.

Our little girls hatched on November 2, 2015. We raised them up in a cardboard box in our garage and shortly after the first of the year we moved them into the big girl coop.

Spring sprang here in Phoenix and with it so did the crowing of our favorite "hen" Penny. Showing her true colors as a, well... more of a Pat than a Penny, we waited it out a couple of weeks to make sure that the crowing wasn't an aberration.

Penny, er, Pat started crowing in earnest towards the end of March. Within hours of putting up the Craigslist ad, off Penny went to a new home. We miss him/her but our little backyard flock wasn't designed to have a rooster.

The first week of April, Cookie, one of our Buff Orpingtons graced us with our first egg. Here's Cookie and I taking a celebratory chicken-selfie.

Then our second Buff Orpington, Zoe, came on line about 10 days later.

Then Red, our larger Welsummer showed us her first spotted offering, a lovely dark speckled egg pictured left.

Then Charlie, the smaller Welsummer sang us a super loud and energetic "Egg Song" and before we knew it, we had two nice dark speckled eggs in our nesting boxes.

Last week we had our first 4 egg day. WOOT!!

I figured it might be a while before we saw a 5 egg day, but our nutty Ameracauna, Lucy, gave us our first green egg over the weekend - and lo and behold, all 5 hens laid an egg yesterday! A 5 egg day!! And I might just put up with Lucy's nuttiness for those gorgeous green/blue eggs she's giving us!

The hens will lay the most eggs their first year of laying. I've been happy to share half dozen here and there with teachers and friends - we've eaten quite a few, and I'm happy to have more arriving every day. Nothing better than farm fresh eggs. Now, how to combat those black flies.....

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