Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's go outside!

Recovering from a week of birthday overdose! Cake! Champs! Spa! Friends and fun! And, happy day, the chickens gifted me our first egg!! That IS worth celebrating! So, I'm buckling down - feeling the sluggish metabolism of too many carbs and too much alcohol... but lovin life right now. Trail running, sun and fun. Can it get any better? I'm maintaining but need to get my carbs and sugar back under control (this may forever be my refrain).

 Phoenix Preserve from Cholla - 6 mile loop

 Lucy & Red free ranging under the lemon tree!

 Don't you just adore that Palo Verde? Running at the Dreamy Draw. 

 @ the Omni  - Montelucia  - Joya Spa

Our flock's first egg! Way to go girls!! 

Happy Birthday to Me! Family picnic selfie!

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