Friday, March 11, 2016

Trails Trails!

A whole new world has opened up to me. Frankly, it's kind of embarassing really because this whole new world begins only about 1/2 mile up the road from my front door.

It's the Phoenix Mountain Preserve baby, and bam it happens to be right, umm, well, over there (she points).

Happy day to realize I live within easy walking distance to such a nice recreational outlet.

I'm a solo runner. I like to run alone. I like my music. My time. My pace. These happy runners chatting as they lope along... these people are anathema to me. Talk and run? Who does that. Huff. Puff. So, with that being said, I tend to stick to the same routes...

Thankfully, I had my brother to drag me out of my comfort zone and into this brave new world of running, off road. Turns out, my brother and I, while being 8 years apart, are for the first time (probably ever) about the same in our fitness levels. And heck, we're Eddy's... so we're a tad bit competitive... and he's a hiker. So, having been in town before, he said let's go.... and we went.

First near my house... for a 3 mile in and out... then the next day for a 6 mile run/walk... and a last minute slog up a long hill... and then into Dreamy Draw and another 4 miles with good elevation there, and well... I'm hooked.

The best part yet? Even the girls loved it!

Happy spring friends! Get out there and do something amazing!! Do what you love!

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