Monday, March 21, 2016

Sexy like meow

Man, my life is unsexy. The dishes... the laundry.. the dust... the dirt... the toenails! There is just something wholly unsexy about motherhood sometimes. Packing lunches, picking up dirty little girl underwear all over the house (am I alone in this? Do other people's children drop trou all over?), stinky socks, boxes of stuff that never got unpacked from moves ago... bare walls, piles of picture books, piles of wrapping paper, bills, recipes, a whole wing of the house that smells like a diaper pail, but I digress... where does all this stuff come from?!

I definitely suffer from a lack of organization. Even when I'm organized I operate in piles. I think I get this from my Dad. I remember going into the basement of the Physics Building at IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania for those non-PAers) as a child... it smelled medicinal, somewhere thru double fire doors, my father's windowless office was ensconced. If you found it - and you were lucky if you did - my father's office was full of piles. Piles of papers, piles of books, piled on desks, piles on bookcases, extra chairs had piles of things. Chalk ramblings of a mad scientist scribbled on black boards... and piles.

But Dad knew where stuff was. And heck, at the end of it, you just needed to move a pile to be hospitable. Today's syllabus and homework? This pile right here! Next years textbooks? That's the pile over there!

Hi. My name is a girl called Eddy. I have pile-itis. 
Grab a seat, oh, hold on, let me move that pile of stuff for you!

So after a week in our house, with our kids, our piles and our stress. What's a girl to do to make her feel better? To find some forgiveness for too many chocolate cookies and glasses of wine on spring break? Missing workouts and feeling bloated?! Stress over adult things like taxes and the kids summer plans...

Date nite, of course. And sexy selfies, cause man, 38 is still thirty-something and I got to find some love in there for moi... some remembrance of - this day too shall pass - and let's face it, even the makeup is in a pile so I might as well dig in and use some of it! I'll have time to deal with piles when I'm forty. Not particularly sexy but meow, this may be as good as 38 gets considering the clock ticks 39 in oh, like 2 weeks. Boo Hoo!

and the man who puts up with all my piles of ... well, you know what I mean:

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