Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More than Survive, Thrive...

"It's the holiday season.. and whoop de do... dickery dock...... Santa... " blah blah blah...

Do you know that one? Yeah me too. Along with a montage of all other secularized holiday songs.

Choral Christmas. Family Christmas. Traditional Christmas. Hipster Christmas.. so many Pandora stations, so little time.

It's the season, if you didn't know.

Trees, lights, bows, wrapping... there is so much inertia. 45+ days of doorbusters, lightening deals, flash deals... black days, cyber days... prime... zipadee doo da (not real)...

It's almost too much to bear. Time seems to be the one thing we can't buy enough of this time year. Time to decorate, time to share. Time to worship, time to gather. Time to prepare, time to clean up. Time to bake, time to give.

Time to eat. Did I mention the eating? There's a lot of eating.....

Time to sit.

There's no time for that. Ain't nobody got time for sitting!

Each Christmas, like every season in our lives, is somewhat different. A different focus, a different emphasis. This year, I've pulled back some. I want to have the one thing you can't buy - time. I want to prepare - in the truest sense of advent - for God is with us. How can we truly appreciate His presence if we are too busy to experience it.

So, sitting. More than just survive the season, I want to thrive this season.

Time to reflect. My kids are getting older. This may be one of the last years that the older two "believe" in Santa. And boy, do they ever believe. They are eating up all this elf on the shelf business. Either they've got us bamboozled or they're die hard believers.

We try to straddle the line between Christ in Christmas and the Santa stuff. I think we do okay. Our kids know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday - that the gift He brings us is bigger than any worldly gift that Santa might leave for us. That Jesus' gifts aren't tied to our deserving them - that he brings true joy every day and all we need to do is accept him as our Lord and Savior. We've been talking a lot about the difference between joy and happiness (thank you Jesus Calling For Kids). They might not be ready to let Santa ride off in his sleigh just yet but the foundation is being laid on these young souls.

More and more I see the work that I need to do in my own house. It is my greatest mission.



Pulling back.

I've had to pull back from some things recently. I'm slowing down on my pursuit of my Mary & Martha business. I am not quitting but pulling back. If there is a place for Mary & Martha in my life, God will make space for that. I am open to it - but I am prayerful in how to move forward.

I'm still focused on my weight loss journey - but in the same vein - trying to find perspective and balance. I am so easily consumed by some flight of fancy and ever more aware of it. I am finding a way to live with intention and with a stewardship focus on my body and strengths. It isn't easy. I find myself wanting to jump on the bandwagon - I think I even declared to Hubs this week - Half Marathon in 2016, Full Marathon in 2017 for my 40th Birthday - but not if it take me out of some balance.

I don't want to be off kilter again.  I want to do more than survive every day, I want to thrive. I want to sit down and remember with joy the season, not be shocked by how fast it past me by.

Weight loss to date: 75lbs
Maintaining: About 5 weeks
Running about 15 - 20 miles a week, foundation training / core with AZ Core Fitness.

For posterity, where I want to thrive: