Monday, November 16, 2015

Looking in the Mirror

There comes a point, in any major weight loss journey when you look in the mirror and say: Who is that? 

I realized about a month ago, I had reached that magical weight where all of a sudden everyone was noticing. People that I know didn't recognize me. I could tell they were wondering...what to say? What was I doing? What plan? What pill? Was I sick? Did I have a major health issue?

I always responded with: "I've been working on it." Feeling proud at the beginning, fielding questions,... no I'm not sick. Yes, I'm on a plan. Dr. monitored. Yes, it is healthy. Yes, I'm eating "real" food again.

I got to a point where I tired of my response. I sounded like a broken record. It also made me realize that people who saw me, saw the weight. Oddly, I didn't.

But I'm grateful. I've proven that I can change. People can change. We can control ourselves in the midst of temptation. We can turn the ship around. We can do it with God's transformational power.

But back to the mirror. About a month ago, when I looked into it, I stopped seeing the feminine softness that I've always had... and horror, I see my brother! No really, my brother's a handsome guy, but my face started to look more angular, less soft.

Then family photos. I got the album last night. We were so lucky to have such a talented photographer in Megan! I was startled once again by my image. Who is this girl? I saw skinny when I was big. I see a stranger now that I am smaller. It is going to be an adjustment.

It's a joyful and celebratory moment but I'm acutely aware that it is fleeting and wordly. It is only a body after all. Recognizing my temptations and battling my own demons -  that's a daily fight - whether it is related to food or my other human failings.

So, who do you see when you look in the mirror? I see someone that Jesus loves, soft face, angular face, God sees me beautiful every day. That is something to be thankful for.

Total weight loss to date: 78 lbs.
Weight til next goal: 3 lbs
Weight off adult low: 3lbs

Friday, November 6, 2015

Chicks: Days 1 - 4

Monday: Panic! The chicks hatched today! We've not yet received our supplies from My Pet Chicken (note to self: more time needed between supply and chick orders!), and realized that if the USPS was efficient (questionable) the chicks could be arriving as early as Tuesday!

Around lunch I received an email from Hubs, My Pet Chicken has asked we call ASAP re: our day old chick order. The Golden Cuckoo Marans under hatched. What did we want to do? Hold the whole order or pick another breed?

Pick another please. We want our chicks!

Listened to the laundry list of options and then "Buff Orpington." Yes! That's what I want. Widely loved by backyard chicken keepers, the Buff Orpington is sort of like the golden retriever of the chicken world. They're cheaper than the Marans? Then yes, we'd love them!

With the Orpingtons added to the Welsummers and the Blue Ameracaunas, our order was a go!

Monday evening: Last minute panic about supplies but really, what were the chances the chicks would arrive on Tuesday?

Tuesday: AH! The post office just called. The chicks are here!! We dropped by the Western Ranchman to grab the couple of things we were missing and ran off to the Post Office to pick up the chicks. I didn't want them there a minute longer than was necessary.

What a fun pick up. Everyone was staring at us - our box was so chirpy! Several questions from folks about what we were doing. I had to wonder myself. What ARE we doing?!

The chicks seemed to fare the shipping well but there was a lot of complaining. We set up our brooder and moved the chicks in!

Moving out of the box

Tuesday afternoon: Our little "Penny", the darker Ameracauna seemed to be very lethargic and not drinking. I was starting to think she wasn't going to make it. We used our kids medicine dropper to get some water on her beak and she perked right up. Gave the girls some feed and everyone seemed much happier.

Things I learned about baby chicks. They're like wind up toys. The jump up, run over each other, buzz around, eat, poop and then fall asleep standing up and keel over. Seeing them sleep at first freaked me out - I thought they were dead! Some of my girls would let a leg lay out behind them, others on their side. I'll admit, I googled it! I was worried. But I'm assured that they're fine. Sleeping fine. Happy and healthy. The temperature must be just right too - cause my girls are just content as can be. Very quiet, spread out, going about their business without much chatter. But the sleeping!

Nap time with one holdout! 

Wednesday: Everyone is settling in and we're getting to know the girls personalities. They're quirky and my kids adore them. "Can I check on the chickens?" Miss P keeps asking me... even our 2 year old wakes up and says: "Chikns... chickins...." The girls are desperate to hold the ones that they've named: Red and SueSue, but we're trying to keep the kids at bay and chicks calm and happy for now! Lots of popping, sleeping and crawling on Mingo (a small stuff flamingo we've given the to cuddle with!). 

 Out from under the red heat lamp to visit with the kids. 
Segregated by breed left to right: Orpington, Welsummer, Ameracauna. 
 My favs: Lucy (Splash Blue Ameracauna) and Penny (Blue Ameracauna)
How can we escape these kids?!

Thursday: It is amazing how they've grown and how much more settled and resilient they seem already. Several of our girls are starting to show small feathers coming in on their wings. I know we are going to go thru an ugly awkward phase here in a couple of weeks - but that's just fine, we've got a coop to build! So far so good, very easy, and fun!