Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Winter Mood

Having existed in a perpetual state of anticipation for the past 3 months (or longer), finally arriving in our new house, with all the work wrapping up.... and arriving in my new body, with all the work of maintenance lying ahead.... well...

It's all anticlimactic.

But that's ok. I could go for dull for a while. I could embrace a beige existence. I could go for sleeping in. In fact, I could hibernate and it would be just great (hibernate - great, see what I did there?)

And this gray drizzle of October - unexpected in the Valley of the Sun - fits this place that I find myself at current. I'm wanting comfort food, the blinds drawn and a big down comforter. It may never truly be winter here but the mood can be winter. Can I get an amen?

But alas... the little people need tending. The house needs unpacking. The bills need paying. So, I plod on, and find joy in the memory of sleeping in. The thought of comfort food in the crock pot. Or the down comforter of my teenage years... cause honestly can we ever recreate the sleep we used to get when we were 18? I swear I slept most of my sophomore year of college and it was glorious...

Despite my desire to hide under the covers, there is a wonderful peace to finally landing here. I can see us here for decades. I can see us here growing old (one might argue we're already old!). I can see how quickly time ticks away and in a blink my oldest is going to be 8... and in another blink she'll be 16. How can I grasp onto these grains of sand as they slide thru the opening in the hourglass? (insert announcer voice from Days of Our Lives.... ) Come to think of it, it is a mood for soap operas.

I'm so mellow dramatic. (anticlimactic - mellow dramatic, see what I did there?)

I need to get out more.

Weight lost to date: 70lbs
Weight til next goal: 1 lbs

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