Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Home Matters: Progress

One of the reasons I wanted to post BEFORE house pics was that I knew, and hoped, and knew, and hoped, that once the paint was on the walls, cabinets, trim and doors, that my memory of the colors that were there would fade.... fast......... hopefully.

It's been a week and those finishes. Those colors. They are a fading memory. Hallelujah!

Here's where we are  - a week from our move in - with plenty of activity going on! Forgive these photos - the lighting is pretty bad!

PAINT! Glorious Paint:

Master Bedroom / Fireplace - SW Contented / SW Black Fox. The wall color is in fact the same despite how different it looks.

Living Room Accent Wall - SW Bamboo & BM Edgecomb Gray. Wainscott in the dining room yet to be done - will be painted SW Distance.  (Straight visual from front door)

Girls Bedrooms - SW White Dogwood. Lots of DE Whisper doors!

KITCHEN - Getting put back together. Cabinets - SW Dovetail. Beveled subway mesh backsplash. Walls not yet painted - BM Edgecomb Gray. Grout will be white when done. New frosted white glass pendant shades with stickers still on lol! Hardware! WOOT!

Hall Bathroom - Vanity top just got installed - Vanity painted - walls, trim, tiling yet to be done. I just picked up more accent tile. We're going to see a lot of changes in this room in the next couple days!!

Now add light fixtures and all our homey wonderful stuff and smiling happy laughing kids and it'll be a dream!

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