Saturday, September 5, 2015

Goodbye New Direction VLCD and Hello Salad

It's official. I have completed my 12 weeks of weight loss boot camp. My doctor appointment confirmed what I already knew:

I have achieved my initial goal. I lost a total of 58lbs, I halved my total cholesterol, my blood pressure is 104/62 and my resting pulse is in the 60s. Hello Onederland!

A Before and After. 

Now the real work begins. Life. Imperfect life. And Eddy, making choices again. 

I will continue to eat two meal replacements a day. I think the breakast shake made with cold coffee will become a staple and I happen to like the chili doctored with jalepenos and hot sauce so that might be a lunch or dinner option...

and then, after that. I have choices to make. Dreaded choices.

4-6 oz of protein and a vegetable
and some portion of fat...

and a healthy snack.

It is all so overwhelming. I haven't had to THINK about what to put in my mouth since June 1. Now I need to structure myself into 1200 - 1400 calorie days.

The Dr. says this will get my metabolism going again. Maybe we'll do another round of shakes after 6 weeks... I'm 25 lbs off my skinniest adult weight which involved me running 5 miles a day to reach.I think another 15lbs would be amazing and sustainable. Beyond that is like the great abyss and I'm sort of afraid.

Imagine my liberation today at lunch. The family stopped at Subway to grab a sandwich. I couldn't believe it - I could eat lunch! I had a salad with entirely spinach - peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, olives and chicken breast. Added salt & pepper with heavy vinegar and a dash of olive oil. Chopped up.  It tasted divine. And I was full.  It was a good choice and a good feeling.

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Heather Brooks said...

Aww! I'm reading through your posts. Found your blog while searching for info on the New Direction VLCD. I got my bloodwork done today and am hoping to start tomorrow. I know this is almost a year old now but I'm hoping you were able to stay healthy. Thanks for sharing your journey!