Tuesday, September 22, 2015

AFTER (again)

One of my most popular blog entries is the AFTER photo shoot from 2011. It isn't a narrative, just pics after my year long journey to lose 100 lbs.

You can see it here.

When I posed for those pics in August 2011, it was after a year of hard work, daily diligence and perseverance. I had logged it all and most of it on this blog- calories, pounds and miles.

And well, here I am now.

Scurrying out the door to get the kids yesterday. Grabbed a jacket - and sort of chuckled when I grabbed this blue one... cause well, there was no way I could fit in it:

And yet.....
The same jacket I sported in some of those 2011 AFTER pics. In some ways I don't feel that I've earned this body yet. I haven't toiled. I haven't cried. I just followed directions and sort of melted away.

And arrived here:

About 18 pounds off my 2011 goal weight.
Beginning only now to log miles
feeling accomplishment but also shock
wondering if all this outward change does anything inward..

And so the days continue and so do the choices. Choices to be destructive or constructive. Choices to be gluttonous or healthy. Choices that little ladies watch and learn from. Choices....

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