Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 Things Thurs: Smells, Shakes & Mountains

The first week on a serious diet is tough. Your head, your stomach, your emotions, you nerves... everything seems be crying out: "Why God? Why?" and this strange thing happens...

Time passes.

The instant crisis. The panic of cravings. The moment of fear. It passes and next thing you know, it's another day and with each step away from old habits confidence grows in the new ones.

It's been a week. I've had nothing but my liquid diet meal replacements, water and black coffee. I'm not sure I'm a better person for it, but I am at a minimum committed. Ps. I can't WAIT for my weigh in tomorrow too!!

So, in a Throw Back Thursday kind of way... here's to the reintroducing 3 Things Thursday:


Not only is this Ivy's latest cute thing she does (holds her nose when I say "Pee You Stinky!"), but I feel like I have turned on this constant barage of smells with my diet. From the taxi cabs smelling of stale cigarette smoke and tumeric, to the garlic of a salmon appetizer, the BBQ of a pulled pork sandwich, the baking of bread (Subway, come on!), the strange metal taste in my own mouth, to the powdered broccoli cheddar soup I choked down last week... the smells are doing me in. My only combat in this diet war against the constant smells is essential oils and hoping the smells move on by... move on by...


Meet my new friend, Mr. New Direction Diet Chocolate Shake. Just when I think I'm going to chew my own arm off, I whip up one of these and poof! Back to the same old self. Doesn't smell fabulous but it does the trick. I'm totally just gonna Shake it Off! (the weight that is)

3. MOUNTAIN (Rainier to be exact)

There are some really lovely images of Mt. Rainier out there on the web, you should google it - it is something to behold. I'm no photographer but here's the pic from Window Seat 16A on Alaska Airlines yesterday....

There are a whole lot of cliche's about mountains and goals and dreams and perseverance. I'm usually not into all that daily affirmation stuff (although I do think there is power in positive thinking), but as I flew by Mt. Rainier it was hard to feel anything but inspired.

And small.

Aren't we just so self absorbed? Don't we make all our little problems so big? Feeling like we are constantly climbing our own personal Everest. Each little earthquake is all consuming but if we take a step back, a step outside of ourselves, we can see the mountain for something that it is really is: beautiful - and then just fly right on around.

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