Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Surprise! We're going to Disneyland!

I am not good at surprises. Maybe that's an understatement. I am really BAD at surprises. My husband accuses me of  buying what I was for Christmas the week before  - which he CLAIMS prevents him from surprising me... but that's just the tip of the iceberg. I am classically horrible at keeping secrets and cannot remember a time in my life where I successfully surprised anyone that I love with something they didn't know what coming....

Except for this.

I surprised my kids with Disneyland. Yes, it is a bit self congratulatory, but it is MY blog after all. I hope that this morning my kids had a feeling, made a memory, that they will have with them all their lives. I remember that ONE Christmas morning, that ONE birthday... I am hoping that this, will be their ONE.

It went down something like this. A influx of unexpected financing. A realization that I had time. A fortuitous email from the Sheraton in Anaheim. A lunchtime trip to AAA. A shopping spree in the Target $1 section. Packing overnight bags from clean laundry piles. And a couple of hours on Pinterest dreaming of how to knock their socks off.

I had a LOT of ideas - but I stripped it down to make it even more impressive. They would have known something was up if they came out to Mickey Mouse pancakes and goody bags (don't think the idea didn't cross my mind, it did). But simplicity won out.

So blessed having done this. More on my memories for another post - but the surprise is worth its weight in gold.

The night before Disney all was quiet... Mickey ears garland!

The Surprise Video

Some Still Pics of our trip - 3 Nights / 2 Days