Wednesday, November 12, 2014

God is Awesome

I may be pointing out the obvious here, but I think it bears repeating:

Over the summer and thru the start of the school, both Hubs & I have felt a real stirring of God's hand in our plans, and a sensation of something to come. Maybe we are just more open to Him, maybe we are anticipating change with excitement instead of fear, whatever it is - the changes have been a blessing. We've seen a new direction in our marriage, a new direction in our jobs, a new direction in our ability to serve and share in our communities. I feel particularly blessed that I am finding renewed faith and hope - something that comes and goes, like the seasons, for me. Since I am feeling particularly honored by God's grace in our lives, I want to share this verse of encouragement with those of you that are maybe not having such a hopeful spirit right now:

One of the blessings that I am seeing is growth in my Mary & Martha mission-business. It is so fun to see new team members as excited about the Mary & Martha mission as I am! What a way to keep the light alive and the ideas flowing!

If you are searching, I'd love to welcome you to the K.E.Y team - this notion is from Ann Voskamp's #BeaKeyWoman blog, which I just adore and struck a real note with me. I love this idea and I think that Mary & Martha is all about being real in Christ. So, our KEY team stands for:

K: Keep

E: Eyes

on the 
Y: Why

If you are searching... wondering how you can do something that is both meaningful and impactful to your family's finances. Join us! Right now, you can SUPER SIZE your business kit with some of our favorites! Check it all out at

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