Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm a political animal ROAR!

Anyone that has known me for any amount of time knows that I'm a political animal. I have, from a very young age, enjoyed politics. It's a chronic illness.

Last night, I happened across a Myers-Briggs-like personality quiz on Facebook. My personality type, also not a surprise is a ENTJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).

If you aren't familiar with this personality testing, it is fascinating. Although I generally put little credit into these types of tests, it can be a fun exercise. So, google it when you are bored, and check it out.

The Byline for my ENTJ quiz result was - The Executive. Let that sink in for a bit. It is no wonder that I struggle sitting here at my desk, in my house, with little interaction with people and little attention to detail. I'm good at people. I'm good at concepts. I'm good at vision. I'm frustrated by inefficiency. I'm frustrated by what I perceive to be useless tasks. I want to move forward, always.  I'm one of those strange non-majority rationalists on the top arch of that graph. 

So, put this petty little Facebook Quiz in the context of politics, and what you've got is Eddy's 5 minute verbal barrage of ...

What I would do if I were THE Executive. The President. Now, that's interesting. 

It all started off with a rambling response to media coverage of issues related to gay marriage.... 

Here is where we get it all wrong. You can separate out the issue of gay marriage - the political issue v. the religious or moral issue. Politically, the government should get out of the business of marriage all together. The only reason it matters is that our tax code is so overwrought that under the "law" the inability to marry means that you might not get a tax break or some other health or societal benefits. That's bogus. In a free society, if you want to enter a contract - you should be free to do so. Marriage is a contract, go for it. 

Gay Marriage and the Church. This is where it gets muddy. Just because the government has sanctioned something "legal" doesn't mean the church has to accept it as "moral" or in line with their belief system. Forcing churches to marry people, forcing pastors to hand over sermons, its like a witch hunt. Government has a little "g", it isn't God. So, yes, gay marriage can be legal but just because its legal doesn't mean it is moral. But here's the thing, None of us are sinless, so those who can't stand churches for preaching against homosexuality - get over it. They also preach against hate, adultery, sloth, gluttony, greed, selfishness, etc. etc... and we all still sit in the pews, because at the end of the day, God is the only one who knows our hearts. Forcing a bakery to make a cake for you... this is just dumb. Calling on my ENTJ stressors, this short sightedness is a stressor! Don't we have bigger fish to fry? In a free society, we should be able to contract, do business, and do as we please. Next thing we know, nudists are going to demand service at McDonald's - whatever happened to no shirt, no shoes, no service? 

So, after I let loose on this topic, my poor husband (an ISTJ rooting me on - ROAR), I launched into:

If I were President.....

Government out of the bedroom. Get out. I'm slamming the door in your face. For every "non-regulation" lip service we get from Republicans, we get an equally conservative social issue forced upon us. Done. The government should have no say about your right to do what you want to do in the bedroom, who you want to do it with, whether you want to have an abortion, and what pills you might want to take to encourage or prevent it. And again, just cause you are free to do it by the government, doesn't mean it's moral, see above (To, my socially conservative friends, don't message me on this, we've got bigger battles than this right now). 

Government out of business. Get out. The United States has too many laws trying to deal with too many perceived issues giving the government a power trip. For every law that is passed there should be 2 repealed. Business should be free to do business. BUT! But! What if they.... yes, yes. We've got a system for that. It is called a courthouse. If a product is toxic, they'll pay. If a product hurts someone, the only person with incentive to actually fix it is a company looking to stay in business by manufacturing it. Too many laws have been passed with unintended consequences forcing a ridiculous amount of bureaucratic bloat. I'd fire every CZAR appointed. I'd listen to the Chamber of Commerce, and I'd declare- to steal Southwest's motto - You are now free to move about the Country. 

Government get out of the states. The federal government should not be a part of our every day lives and our freedom should be palpable. The states were the source of local governance and they should take back that role. The Federal government should do its job - secure the borders, supply a national defense when necessary. Outside of that, services related to the localities should stay in the localities. When I lived in New Hampshire - there was a difference. In some towns, there was kindergarten, paved roads and trash pick up. In others, no school until first grade, unpaved roads, a town trash dump. You can imagine which towns paid higher taxes and the people who lived there knew exactly what their tax dollars were doing - or not. Do you know where your tax dollars are going? 

Government out of health care. Oh yeah, I'm going there. There are some major huge screw ups in the past few years, but the inability of our federal government to even launch a website should send up so many RED FLAGS that we should all take a moment and pause. Obama ran on big government. Obama ran on nation building at home. How's that turned out for him? How's that turned out for you?

Whatever you think about Obama's policies or political philosophy, "Let me be clear..." government incompetence is here and we should be afraid. Be very afraid. The tentacles of the government are so large and so far reaching, that even the chief executive can't control the behemoth. Abolish the IRS. 10 - 15% tax across the board, no carve-outs, no loops holes, no exemptions. You make $100,000, you pay $10,000. You make $100, you pay $10. You make $0, you pay zero. Mail it in on a post card. Excited by the new appointment of an Ebola Czar? Feel safer? Well, we already had one... and she was, like the new one, a political hack, not a doctor. Sometimes its hard not to laugh - you can't make this stuff up. 
If the Republicans don't come up with a list of things they will do if they govern - or if they take my advice - a list of things they won't do - this country will, as a majority of Americans recently polled believe, go to "hell in a hand basket". It isn't enough to not be Obama, you've got to actually be FOR something. I for one, am for LESS government and MORE freedom. So, Republicans, go forth and sweep the midterms, but unless you can actually come up with an alternative way of governing that impacts every day Americans freedom and paychecks, it won't last and it won't matter. You've heard it here first folks:

Dear GOP: 
It is time to be BOLD. 
Truly, Eddy

Monday, October 20, 2014


It is hard to believe that we are already on the "back nine" of October, but alas, we are... and yes, we are still golfing here in Phoenix. You should see my folks, golf-apalooza. I don't golf, but I hear a lot about it.

I've been doing a lot of reflection this weekend as I puttered around the house -- of course, it was all a random stream of consciousness.. something like this:

about friendship...

about being a good friend... keeping friends.. making friends.. allowing for friendships to grow and change. I distinctly remember sitting out with my friend Kayla late last spring, as our kids splashed in the pool, and the reality of her moving to China hit me - I've got to make more friends. I've got to make an effort. I admired Kayla's courage to pick up her young family and move to China. I've made similiarly bold decisions in the past, and I am always happier when I am putting myself out there. But there is effort involved, it is work.  I wouldn't recommend taking up a 2nd job to everyone to meet people, but it is a conduit to involvement. For me, it has worked. It started with a decision - the leap of faith to sign up. I knew it would change me, I knew it would be a challenge. I knew it was outside of my comfort zone. I knew it would lead to moments that made me wonder what on earth I was thinking... but nonetheless, I felt the tug. And jumped. I figure most friendship are like this. Especially as adults - it isn't so easy as shameless walking across the street and asking Susie to come out and play. As adults, its different. You have the spouse factor - will my husband like her husband? You have the lifestyle factor - do they drink? will they think we are pathetic when we start yawning at 9pm? You have the effort factor - will they judge use for the 2 inches of cheerios that flood the floors? So yes, all that....

about forgiving...

I've been hurt. I've had my feelings hurt. I've been physically hurting. I'm feeling fragile. When you feel that way, the instinct is to retreat. To "shelter in place" to use a prepper term. To find solace in the people who love you know matter what, the places that aren't risky, to lick wounds and feed fears. September did this to me. I just wanted to crawl into the fetal position and wait for the storm to pass. It did pass, and I feel renewed just knowing that the calendar has flipped to the next month. I'm heading into a busy time - the calendar seems to be overflowing... and that is a blessing. I'm excited. I'm anxious to lose some down time. I'm interested to see what God has in store. I'm hopeful for the future, despite a significant amount of upheaval in our family life with jobs, commitments etc.

about faith...

having it.. sharing it... losing it... regaining it. Reviving it. I am especially keen on preparing my family for the upcoming season... and I think it is with all these thoughts over the weekend that I wanted to share this:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mary & Martha Christmas Mini-Guide

I know you've missed me...  so, I'm back! This is just a taste of the Christmas Mini-Guide! More to come!

And a closer look....

Wait! I love that Nattivity!!! Orders at www.mymaryandmartha.com/MARA