Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mind over matter or some such nonsense

When you admit just a smidgen of defeat, they take over. They swarm in when they sense vulnerability, and they take up residence... in this case, first in my eyes and the back of my throat. Then after 2 days of non-stop headache, they move.. like little green men they march, down the back of your throat, into your sinuses and then your lungs..

And I hack. And I hack. And I HACK a LUNG up. 

Or so it feels. 

I'll just be honest here. I"m a terrible sick person. I get MAD that I am sick.  But I refuse to stop. I refuse to take drugs. I refuse the doctor. I"m just a royal pain in the you-know-what. And I'm mad. Ask Hubs, he'll tell you. 

There is certainly some Mary Baker Eddy DNA hanging around in these bones. If you don't know, Mary Baker Eddy is the founder of the Christian Science ChurchChristian Scientists see their religion as consistent with mainstream Christian theology, despite key differences. In particular they subscribe to a radical form of philosophical idealism, believing that reality is purely spiritual and the material world an illusion. This includes the view that disease is a mental error rather than physical disorder, and that the sick should be treated, not by medicine, but by a form of prayer that seeks to correct the beliefs responsible for the illusion of ill health...

I've been guilty of espousing Mary Baker Eddy-like stuff - Mind over Matter! But there are just times when it isn't possible, and that we have to fall back to God's grace as the only healing agent in our arsenal of medicines. NyQuil can get me thru a night, but God can get me thru eternal damnation. I've got a couple of days of a hacking cough. I haven't been to the gym since Friday. I'm tired and I can't stop doing whatever it is that appears too important not to do. But He's got this. He's got me. And because of that, I'm ok.

Oh, and if you haven't seen me in like a week, this is why. 

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