Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Let's get Real

The idea of a movement of key women from Ann Voskamp's Blog - How Women Can Stop Judging Each Other - A Movement of Key Women - is on repeat this week -  like Let it Go from Frozen, I can't get it out of my mind!  Even when I'm consumed by some other trivial thing, be a #keywoman keeps coming up.

I am sure that God is trying to tell me something ....

So, let's get real.

Let's acknowledge that living in Pottery Barn catalog, whilst beautiful and sanitary, isn't real. Real life is going to happen where the couches have juice box wrappers in the seams and animal cracker crumbs adding a patina of childhood. Real life happens around a well loved kitchen table - where babies throw food, and children test the rules of dinner time. Real life happens when the kitchen doesn't get cleaned up because worship happened. Real life is when we open the door to others and show hospitality - even when there is dust on the window sills and part of us would rather keep that door closed.

For as much as I am visual - Pinterest parties with their gorgeous photos of lavish displays, endless creativity and themes -  all that preparation and hot glue - sound, well, like a lot of work. Do we really need to judge the celebration by the cupcake decoration and center pieces? Do our kids have to have a gift bag that rivals a wedding present? Let's get real. When I was a kid, I remember only a handful of birthdays, and I think there was only one where my whole school class was invited. We played a game, we sat in a circle-- I got a Barbie doll from my best friend and opened bright pink and wonderfully wrapped presents. That, I remember. I can't tell you what the cake had on it, I can't tell you my mother impressed the other Moms with her domestic skills. But I had fun. Why do we think that to be a loving mother that we must give our kids these extravagant parties? These things, they do not equal love. Let's give them real. Let's give them memories of play, and love, and laughter. Lets give them moms in bathing suits IN the pool, Dads that hug, friends that come over for afternoons of dress up in the closet. Let's give them friendship.

A real woman  - a Key woman - doesn't judge. We don't look for flaws, we look for beauty. We are all getting thru the days with God's grace, so why do we fail to show grace to others? There is none of us, no matter how rich, how successful, how organized, how clean - that doesn't need or deserve grace. We are all sisters in Christ - we are all sisters trying to do the best for our husbands and our families - so, let's open the doors and support each other. Like Ann Voskamp says, we are not here to be perfect, we are here to be real. Let's have coffee. Let's hug. Let's cry. Let's write cards. Let's show gratitude and grace.

Perfectionism is slow death to self. There is no community in perfectionism. There is no way to achieving in perfectionism. We are all sinners, we will all fall short of the culture of perfect. Let's show faithfulness, gentleness, kindness.. 

... the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,  peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23 NIV. 

Let us be key women.

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