Thursday, March 20, 2014

I want to stuff some chocolate in my face!

I'm being good. I really am. The scale isn't rewarding me necessarily but I do feel better, my system has changed and my clothes are fitting a bit easier. For the record, it seems WAY harder this time.

That doesn't mean I'm not without my problems. I am horribly distracted this week. I started back to work after maternity leave last Thursday. I'm distracted. I'm restless. I'm without my baby. I'm not sitting here crying or pining away. I just can't settle back into the rhythms of my work and my attention span is shot. Not sure what to do about that.

I suspect in all areas -- diet, exercise and work -- it will get easier with time. My friends say to cut myself some slack. Forgiving myself has always been hard for me. Not that I have huge expectations for myself (you should see my kitchen right now), but for me a couple of off days a slippery slope makes. So, I'm hanging in there. No sugar. Walking. Hoping that a consistency will pay off -- make habits that are better than the ones I've had. ("Hang in there Joan!")

Yeah, we've been watching a lot of FROZEN recently. I apologize for the references.

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