Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scale? What Scale?

I plead the fifth. Well, actually, I just plead total ignorance. I couldn't weigh in this morning if I wanted to - which I don't. My house is full of partially unpacked boxes and piles of things that make me wonder: Why did we own/move/care about this stuff? There is so much stuff... and no scale. Not that I've tried to find it... oh, woe is me.

No scale is likely a good thing as I've been filling the past week with meals of convenience and little nutritional value. Hubs and I sat down to XJL's Birthday choice dinner last nite - at the "Dinosaur" McDonald's and we agreed. We can't eat this. We've been eating this junk for a week, and we just can't eat it anymore. So, we ate Chipotle, which my dear readers, is only a minor improvement over Wendy's and Chik Fil-A, and Culvers and...  I did see a bean and a shred of lettuce in my burrito bowl. Score!

Considering the consternation caused by 2 dozen cupcakes... ala... FROZEN 6 year old birthday...

Let's just start again next week, shall we? I can't promise I'll have my scale by then, but I might have my sanity.

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