Monday, January 6, 2014

My Inner Hippie

My oldest of friends... well, probably most of my friends, know, that I, Eddy, have an inner hippie.

Yes, yes.. nothing like pointing out the obvious.

My inner hippie is probably what allows most of my friends - especially my lovely east coast college buddies - to have put up with me as long as they have. They know, deep down, I've got an inner hippie. An inner peace lovin' liberal sympathizing age of Aquarius Eddy, who at my most base moments, rears her flower-adorned head and speaks of fantastical delights like peace, love and hummus. Plus, I wore Birkenstocks in college and applied to Williams and Middlebury.. that qualifies me, right?

My inner hippie, God love her, tends to show up when I'm emotional, one might even say.... hormonal. For all of my business like independence, I've got a uterus too. I get it. I understand. I have my moments. Moments where the droll of Bob Dylan blows thru my psyche and I just want to scream: "Peace & Love Man...  " and start reciting portions of the Portable Beat Reader that I had memorized for my senior year declamation contest.

Where am I going with this, you might ask?

There is just something so basically human about giving birth. Something so elementary as breastfeeding. Something so intrinsic as staring down at a small human being whose sole existence is from the love of you and another human being. Whose entire sustainance is provided for by your own body. A body who you've used and abused and yet somehow those failings don't hinder this remarkable talent that just brings out a gal, even this generally non-emotional-libertarian-one, to say, heck yeah. I've got an inner hippie and she wants to run braless in long tie-dyed muslin skirts with dreadlocked hair and stinky hemp necklaces. Well, ok, maybe not that last part.. but I could totally ditch my shoes and sport a muumuu for a while. Wait, that's not hippie, that's golden girl... took a wrong turn in my decades. My inner hippie is no dirty hippie, she's a fabulous pixie like hippie goddess.. ala....

So, time to crank up some Phish or the Grateful Dead or whatever the hippies have going these days.. this nursing momma is embracing her inner hippie (for the moment). I might even attend an anti-government rally.  Oooh, this hippie thing is just getting better and better.

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