Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Weeks

I've delivered three babies. In my experience, the 5th week of newborn-life is the hardest. Well, for me, it is. The adrenaline of the new miracle of life has worn off. Baby is here to stay. The days of trying to get stuff done and the nights of barely sleeping are running together and the ceaselessness of the days is almost too much...

So, what better time for us to up and move house, right?

Yeah. So we are sorta nuts. When we looked at the calendar and planned the move, I have to admit, I didn't consult the "age of infant" in our decision making criteria. Moving with any age infant is hard. Moving with kids is hard! I went with the philosophy is "ripping off the band-aid", lets just get this done. Heck, now that I know it is week 5 of little miss Lewis, it is probably better that way. Lets just forge thru week 5 and add a whole heaping amount of stress to the mix as well. Why not?

So, moving. And week 5. And a couple of weeks of dieting monotony. And then well, moving.. which in our house means, trying to clean out the fridge, which really translates into eating out... and voila! The perfect recipe for Mara to slip slide a tad bit off the dieting map.

My excuse? It's week 5. If you're a Mom, that is enough. If you're not a Mom, we're moving house! That is enough. And if you've never moved... never moved? I can't even comprehend such a thing. Hubs and I have moved together on average once a year for each of our (almost) ten years of marriage. 10 years! Wow, that's a whole blog post on its own...

This weeks weigh in --- Ps. does this look familiar? It is the same as last week...
Weight lost: 0lbs
Weight to lose to next goal: 10 lbs
Weight lost since delivery: 42 lbs 

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Pastor Ken said...

Hang in there! Call us if you need anything. Especially if you need someone to hold Ivy. :-)