Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scale? What Scale?

I plead the fifth. Well, actually, I just plead total ignorance. I couldn't weigh in this morning if I wanted to - which I don't. My house is full of partially unpacked boxes and piles of things that make me wonder: Why did we own/move/care about this stuff? There is so much stuff... and no scale. Not that I've tried to find it... oh, woe is me.

No scale is likely a good thing as I've been filling the past week with meals of convenience and little nutritional value. Hubs and I sat down to XJL's Birthday choice dinner last nite - at the "Dinosaur" McDonald's and we agreed. We can't eat this. We've been eating this junk for a week, and we just can't eat it anymore. So, we ate Chipotle, which my dear readers, is only a minor improvement over Wendy's and Chik Fil-A, and Culvers and...  I did see a bean and a shred of lettuce in my burrito bowl. Score!

Considering the consternation caused by 2 dozen cupcakes... ala... FROZEN 6 year old birthday...

Let's just start again next week, shall we? I can't promise I'll have my scale by then, but I might have my sanity.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Weeks

I've delivered three babies. In my experience, the 5th week of newborn-life is the hardest. Well, for me, it is. The adrenaline of the new miracle of life has worn off. Baby is here to stay. The days of trying to get stuff done and the nights of barely sleeping are running together and the ceaselessness of the days is almost too much...

So, what better time for us to up and move house, right?

Yeah. So we are sorta nuts. When we looked at the calendar and planned the move, I have to admit, I didn't consult the "age of infant" in our decision making criteria. Moving with any age infant is hard. Moving with kids is hard! I went with the philosophy is "ripping off the band-aid", lets just get this done. Heck, now that I know it is week 5 of little miss Lewis, it is probably better that way. Lets just forge thru week 5 and add a whole heaping amount of stress to the mix as well. Why not?

So, moving. And week 5. And a couple of weeks of dieting monotony. And then well, moving.. which in our house means, trying to clean out the fridge, which really translates into eating out... and voila! The perfect recipe for Mara to slip slide a tad bit off the dieting map.

My excuse? It's week 5. If you're a Mom, that is enough. If you're not a Mom, we're moving house! That is enough. And if you've never moved... never moved? I can't even comprehend such a thing. Hubs and I have moved together on average once a year for each of our (almost) ten years of marriage. 10 years! Wow, that's a whole blog post on its own...

This weeks weigh in --- Ps. does this look familiar? It is the same as last week...
Weight lost: 0lbs
Weight to lose to next goal: 10 lbs
Weight lost since delivery: 42 lbs 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

If you have offspring.. if you have girl offspring... then you are probably like me.. living with the Frozen soundtrack blaring into your psyche both night and day. I wish I could say I had some grand blog design for this Frozen inspired post. I don't. I just happened to have woke up with little Anna's voice inquiring:

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Without rehashing the entire movie, lets just say little Olaf the snowman doesn't realize his weaknesses as a snowman and flirts dangerously close to fire (and extinction) at a point. He also, as he says: "Likes warm hugs." Now, I don't want to beat some sort of message into this blog, but Disney's got something there. Olaf has got the right attitude. Maybe he comes across as a bit foolish... or in adult terms, hedonistic. But the joy of Olaf is that he doesn't even know his frailties to be fearful of them.

How wonderful would that be? Us humans are all too aware of our failures and many of us live with a lot of fears because of them. Olaf exudes joy because he has no fear.  If you've seen the movie, you know these themes are repeated in a more nuanced way with the princesses, Elsa & Anna. But I want to focus on Olaf because Olaf represents a childlike joy, one that I'd really like to capture more often in my days.

XJL, my oldest, is turning 6 this month and when given the option choose to have a short vacation in lieu on a party. She wants to see snow. She wants to build a snowman. Turns out, I want to build a snowman too. In fact, I can't wait.

Thanks, Olaf. 

This weeks weigh in:

Weight lost: 4lbs
Weight to lose to next goal: 10 lbs
Weight lost since delivery: 42 lbs 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Woo- Hoo! Guess what day it is? Hump Day!

My weigh in day used to be Mondays. That's a rough day generally and even worse when you add a weekly weigh in to it. This time around, we've moved our weigh in day to Wednesday cause... well, New Years Day was a Wednesday, and that was the start 1/1/14. Plus, Wednesday is hump day, a good reason to lose weight in my book!

So, without further adieu:

Weight lost: 6lbs
Weight to lose to next goal: 14 lbs
Weight lost since delivery: 38 lbs

I'm pretty psyched about this, even if I am still shedding baby weight (and will be for a while) and still coming off delivery a little over 2 weeks ago. I've struggled with moments of weakness in front of the fridge, and 95% of the time, I've beaten back those demons. That, I am proud off and can build off of. I need to start getting creative in my meal planning and working more good fats and calories in so I can make sure I'm keeping the foods I eat as beneficial as possible to my body - which from my prior hippie post - continue to do double duty for me and baby.

I did get a mild reprimand from my nurse practitioner about my exercise. She said no walks over a mile. Hmmmm.... Umm, ok, sure. I did reach my goal of 3 walks last week, but given a busier schedule this week, I haven't gotten out there yet. I intend to take a stroll today -- perhaps if I don't map the miles I can claim ignorance on the distance? Eh, I guess I should just follow doctors orders. I know I can manage my weight by calorie counts alone, but when I exercise, it just gives me that much more endurance to push thru my cravings. Better safe than sorry though, I don't want to mess with my healing.

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Inner Hippie

My oldest of friends... well, probably most of my friends, know, that I, Eddy, have an inner hippie.

Yes, yes.. nothing like pointing out the obvious.

My inner hippie is probably what allows most of my friends - especially my lovely east coast college buddies - to have put up with me as long as they have. They know, deep down, I've got an inner hippie. An inner peace lovin' liberal sympathizing age of Aquarius Eddy, who at my most base moments, rears her flower-adorned head and speaks of fantastical delights like peace, love and hummus. Plus, I wore Birkenstocks in college and applied to Williams and Middlebury.. that qualifies me, right?

My inner hippie, God love her, tends to show up when I'm emotional, one might even say.... hormonal. For all of my business like independence, I've got a uterus too. I get it. I understand. I have my moments. Moments where the droll of Bob Dylan blows thru my psyche and I just want to scream: "Peace & Love Man...  " and start reciting portions of the Portable Beat Reader that I had memorized for my senior year declamation contest.

Where am I going with this, you might ask?

There is just something so basically human about giving birth. Something so elementary as breastfeeding. Something so intrinsic as staring down at a small human being whose sole existence is from the love of you and another human being. Whose entire sustainance is provided for by your own body. A body who you've used and abused and yet somehow those failings don't hinder this remarkable talent that just brings out a gal, even this generally non-emotional-libertarian-one, to say, heck yeah. I've got an inner hippie and she wants to run braless in long tie-dyed muslin skirts with dreadlocked hair and stinky hemp necklaces. Well, ok, maybe not that last part.. but I could totally ditch my shoes and sport a muumuu for a while. Wait, that's not hippie, that's golden girl... took a wrong turn in my decades. My inner hippie is no dirty hippie, she's a fabulous pixie like hippie goddess.. ala....

So, time to crank up some Phish or the Grateful Dead or whatever the hippies have going these days.. this nursing momma is embracing her inner hippie (for the moment). I might even attend an anti-government rally.  Oooh, this hippie thing is just getting better and better.