Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Lobsta in the Pot

If  you are like me (and frankly, I'm sort of hoping you are not, cause it certainly would be a lot less stressful to be less interested in this stuff than I am), and you read the papers, the editorials, peruse the Sunday news shows, and have a general familiarity with the left and right voices in the elite media, you might be suffering from a bit of whiplash these days.

Without much fanfare, we've heard about the following developments in the past month:
  1. Benghazi Whistleblowers (So, who really did tell the military to stand down?)
  2. IRS targeting Tea Party / Patriots and other right leaning groups seeking non-profit status under the tax code (What was Douglas Shulman doing at the White House 157 times?)
  3. The DOJ secretly seizes Associated Press phone records (Oh Eric Holder... you faithful soldier you.)
  4. The DOJ names James Rosen a co-conspirator and obtains personal and business emails and phone records. (Fox News... no shocker there. What was it Valerie Jarrett said: "After we win this election, it's payback time."...?)
  5. Verizon and other major cell phone companies have supplied the NSA with all domestic call meta-data (Domestic! We don't stop Russian students when we are given warning, but we need all those American cell phone records! Um, how about we just listen to threats that are actually given to us saving us $80MM in the process?)
  6. The major internet suppliers have handed over foreign internet data records under a NSA program called "Prism" where personal emails, chats, videos, etc., can be seen by our intelligence officers in real time. (The UK is worried about the US spying on British citizens... um, these are our biggest Allies.. me thinks we aren't making any friends.)
"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool." -Stephen King.

Any one of these developments, in and of itself, is unsettling. In sum total, it is evidence of the un-mitigable risk of large government, the cult of personality that is the Obama administration, the complete perversion of the founding principles that our government was founded upon. We've sacrificed individual resourcefulness for community sloth. We've voted for the "give-me" instead of going out and earning it. We've been sucked in, snookered, and lied to. And it isn't just Obama, it has been coming for a long time, and we've just let it. We've never stood up and said: Enough. We're the boiling frog (or lobsta) in the pot instead of a chicken in every pot.

Obama meets with the Chinese President to discuss cyber crime. I can't help but laugh at the irony. "Don't worry, Mr. China, you don't need to spy on us. I've got that covered."  China, leading communist power, is thriving due to capitalism. America, the shining beacon on a hill, a capitalist republic, failing due to an imploding social welfare and unionized public pension system and over-regulation. We've tied the hands of our innovators. We've shut down our industry. We've shipped it overseas.

But back to my point: Scandal! No, not really. There will be no smoking gun. We will waste days in hearing after hearing learning of IRS YouTube videos and other ridiculous such nonsense. Lois Lerner will move from asking politicians not to run, to stonewalling IRS applications, to pleading the 5th, to overseeing Obamacare enforcement. Do we need another reason for a flat tax and a postcard tax return? I think not.

What we've done is set up a behemoth government - "A Little Shop of Horrors" and we keep having to feed it or it will eat us (Feed me Seymour!). And here's the thing: administrations come and go, those folks sitting at the desks at the IRS, they stay the same. And they're union, and they're pensioned, so do you think they have an interest to keep fiscal conservative groups who want to do away with public unions, and reform pension plans, from raising political funds? You bet they do. Herein lies the problem. The government is now so large, it is incapable of fixing itself. We've got a couple of good voices of reason out there, but funny, once they get to DC, it all goes down the drain...... along with our tax dollars..... and yet! DC's economy is booming! DC real estate is up!

Does anyone else find this all as vexing as I do? It seems not. That is worse than any scandal on the list. Voter malaise continues to grow in correlation to the size of the bureaucracy and before we know it, our founding principles will be turned on their head entirely.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what  you can do for your country." 

Well, actually... I really just want to know what I get.... By the way, Obama, can you hear me now?

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