Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lets be intellectually honest, shall we?

I posted this on Facebook, but I think it is worth repeating here: And here is where I differ with many Republicans: All these posts about Gun Violence vs. Abortion. If you support freedom, for example freedom of speech, then you have to allow for ugly speech as well as the good. Same thing with personal freedom, if you support the liberty to protect your person, then you also should support the liberty to do with your person as you will, whether it be drink a Big Gulp or have an abortion. That is an intellectually honest position. It may not be a moral position but part of religious freedom is not infringing on someone else's rights to do as they please. Same can be said for gay marriage. Why should I stand in the way of someone else's happiness to enter into a marriage contract? Who am I to say no? How about I won't judge you for being gay and getting married and you don't judge me for owning a gun and driving an SUV? And I'll say it again, who will be the spokesperson for reasonable conservative positions while all the politicians put their head in the sand or stick their necks out with their idiocy? Imagine a government that doesn't have its tentacles into every facet of our lives.... imagine how much freedom we would have over our own destiny, not entitled, not fair, just free to be whomever, however and wherever we wanted. Imagine how much we could impact the national deficit if we stopped all the intrusions into our person space and Americans just stood up and said to Big Government: "Get the hell out of my business!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here it comes... the Political Rant...

(I am patting myself on the back for sensitively sparing my Facebook friends.... well, this time. Close browser now if you don't want to hear me speak reason to crazy).

Ok. Straight off. I don't own a gun, although I acquired some thru marriage. I've never held a gun, never shot a gun and never thought I'd want to have a gun in my house. They scare me. Normal right? They're freakin guns. All of them are meant to kill, meant to protect. Some, in my very limited knowledge, appear to be more deadly than others, but they are guns. So, like, what does it matter? It's like the difference between getting run over by an SUV or a Tank. Either one is going to hurt pretty badly...

Likewise, there are some seriously scary people out there. Some are walking time bombs. There is no way to prevent them from doing evil, whether it is with a gun, a 747, a box cutter or an ice pick. Evil exists, we can't legislate it away. 

Today, news outlets are reporting that Obama is considering enacting Gun Control (in whatever strange porkfilled, carved out, ineffective way) perhaps by "Executive Order" if necessary. Apparently, the  "gun violence" in this country has reached such a critical point, that it demands immediate action (this may be news to some of you, if we don't act now, we are all going to die!). Worse, the White House makes the very unsophisticated argument that "if we save only 1 life, the effort is justified".

What was it Rahm Emmanuel said?

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. 
And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
Ok. Stop. Stop the crazy train. It is time to get off.

I am not without a heart. I am shocked by the Newton shooting. Horrified by what happened in Aurora CO. Terrorized by the Tuscon massacre. Frighted by Fort Hood (oh dear, remember that one? Don't say the word, don't say it... terrorism).

But in the grand scheme of things.... In the big big picture... Take a step back.

Is gun violence really the absolutely worst crisis facing this country since what? 9/11? Is the violence so bad that we should circumvent the documents governing the founding and process of our storied country? Are we are unable to go about our daily business for fear of being shot on the street?

Or are we living in the age of manufactured crisis such that our President can slam whatever "executive order" down the throats of Americans without recourse?

Whether or not you'd like to believe it, the 2nd Amendment has a purpose above and beyond the niceties that get bantered around the liberal media, like "Hunting". The 2nd Amendment is essential for maintaining individual liberty, ie. to prevent America into morphing into some sort of government other than a democratic republic. It is no secret that the first step in the seizing of power from a population is to take away their guns. When the guns go, so does the ability from stopping a criminal or some other nefarious character (a govt official?) from coming to your door, knocking, invading and taking (or raping?) everything and everyone you love.

Won't happen in this country you say? Overreacting Eddy! We are too first world and civilized for that. Well folks, so was Europe... are we so dumb that we can't see how much today is like the 1930s? We proceed in this country as if our debt isn't an issue, while if we just look across the Atlantic, we can see what happens to a country (Greece) that spends itself into oblivion. We are blind to the actions taken by our President, who reportedly does so out of his own benevolence, he knows better for us, better than we do for ourselves. He writes executive orders to ignore our immigration laws, by passes Congressional approval for appointments by way of Congress being on "vacation" when they aren't, he punts the ball on our fiscal mess, has us all believing that 8% unemployment is something that we should celebrate, we laud higher taxes like it delivers us from evil, and speaking of evil... what is the cut off now? You're evil when you make $400K? $250K? Since when do we punish success in this country?

Obama has succeeded in tearing apart this country at the seams. He has systematically exaggerated a catastrophe when it suits his political purposes, and somehow gets around answering to anyone when it doesn't. He has neutered our Congressional representatives, laughed at our legislative process, and has a Attorney General that will waive a legal wand and opine in his favor when asked. We've sacrificed religious freedom for government provided (I almost said free, but no, it isn't free people) birth control. We're going to take away our right to protect ourselves from tyrants to save "one life" but don't forget, we've got a war on women, those GOPers might take your right to an abortion way.

But more than that, he has silenced dissent. If you don't agree with Obama these days, you pretty much keep your mouth shut for fear of what will happen to you for speaking up. He has silenced dissent. But even more amazingly, he has marginalized it. He has taken the, oh, say, 49% percent of this country, the majority of the House of Representatives, and several states, and made them all look like total wackos. He has turned the House GOP into a laughing stock and has made it known he has personal vendettas against certain state executives, my own Jan Brewer, among them.

I'm incensed.... (if you haven't noticed). I'm shocked and awed that no one sees that magnificent and awful  (in all senses of the word) transformation that is going on in this country.

I could get into the whole "saving one life" argument... lets take away cars, alcohol, cigarettes, Big Gulps... but I can't even go there right now. It is so demeaning that this is the intellectual level that one must stoop in order to refute this administration. Especially when everyone is all emotional and like lemmings: "Oh, Obama, you are so right.... deliver us from evil."

I wish someone would stand up. Stand up! Speak truth to madness. Can we as conservatives set aside the culture wars? Set aside trying to bring "God" back into the political institutions? Or worry about people saying Merry Christmas and our nattivity scenes? We've got bigger fish to fry! We've got to save the fundamental liberties of Americans, preserve our great institutions, put the process back to right, re-affirm our checks and balances. If we don't do it now, if we don't all get on the same page, Obama will be appointing a Supreme Court justice and it is all over folks. All we've got left is the courts, and Obama has already got those so backed up with challenges of his abuses of power, that he's probably betting that by the time challenges get to the Supreme Court on his "executive order" on gun control, he will have his chosen justices there to defend him and his tyrannical edicts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weeks 2 - 3: Keep Calm and Run On

So recently there was this big holiday where people celebrate and stuff themselves silly. I'm vaguely aware of it. I'm not entirely sure what tipped it me off, but scale seems fairly good evidence of it.

Eat too much Fudge, the Scale will not Budge. (An Eddy Original)

But I'm totally ok with it. I put that food in my mouth. I'm accountable.

I've got other small victories I'm celebrating. I've been hitting the road, lacing up the Brooks, and trying to get some miles back on these legs. It is harder now, the running part, my cardio fitness has suffered and yes, I've gained some weight. It makes me slower and sound like a panting Labrador. But I'm just going to keep going out there, go a block, or a corner farther than last time, and it will get easier.

The last time I did this, it took me from May to August to get up the courage to sign up for a 5K. So, it will take some time, and that's ok. I've got time. Easy come easy go. It took 9 months of depression and feeding my fear to get me here, it will take 9 months of work to get me back.

Miles logged last week: 11 miles
Goal for this week: More than 11 miles

I'm staying mum on a weigh in..... I'm trying to decide what day I will log my numbers. I've always tortured myself with Monday, so I might wait until then. I'm feeling empowered by getting out there and more encouraged with each day that I'm conquering my cravings. Onward and Upward!

If you'd like to join me, I'm on MyFitnessPal. Send me a friend invite: marallewis. Lets support each other!