Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Poorly Timed Decision to Get Back in the Game

Are you on top of your game? Beating your PRs and rocking the house? Congrats!

Or are you like me, thinking wistfully of the days when all the clothes fit fabulously and you could easily wave your hands no to the decadent brownies being passed around the table? Sound familiar?

Yeah. It is hard. Facing the truth. Mustering up some courage.

Every muscle in my body is yelling at me: "What the hell Eddy? We were just getting relaxed and comfy and we are doing WHAT?"

That's right body, we are. We are DOING. We are doing:

Push ups.
Jumping Jacks and maybe even a jog....

So no more sitting around. I'm getting back in the game. I'm on Day 3 of what I am quietly thinking of as my "come back". It hurts. Like, literally hurts. But I've got to remember I CAN do this. I have DONE this. And I can do it AGAIN.

I've got a little personal motivation for 2014. There is this pesky half marathon that I signed up for...

Goal 1. (Writing it down! Saying it out loud! EEK!)

Lose 25 lbs by May 1. (For curious minds, this will put me back to a happy maintainable place)

As last time, I've picked Monday as my weight in day, which is just dumb. But whatever. It works for me.

I'll be back...... 

1 comment:

Karyn said...

You can do this Mara. We can do this! My goal is a healthy BMI by June. That's 53 pounds. Eek! I've lost 9lb so far. I also want to run a half marathon next year, or maybe even a marathon. I need to pick one so I have something to aim for.

Will be following and supporting your journey as always.