Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello My Name is Simon

This Saturday, we fell victim to a classic blunder. Never take kids to a pet store in the mall in a moment of vulnerability. Or else this...

comes home and takes up residence with this family.SUCKERS!

Curious things about Simon Charlie Lewis:

1. He hasn't barked yet, at anything.
2. He has no predatory instincts.
3. He can roll over, play dead and dance for a treat
4. His sign for going outside is pretty much just walking over and looking at you - pretty stealth.
5. He wants to be next to a human, any human, at all times.
6. He gets really tired walking around the block. Not going to help my running career.
7. He runs from shade to shade as if the sun will turn him into jello
8. He pees on concrete
9. He doesn't lift his leg (which combined with #8 means he pees all over his feet)
10. He poops mid walk. I mean really, who needs to stop for such things?
11. He likes to go in the truck and stick his head out the window
12. He tolerates toddler antics.
13. He pretty much completes this goofy bunch. 


ltlindian said...

I love the photobomb by the sales lady. lol

cute dog

Jen said...

He is the cutest dog ever!!!