Monday, July 2, 2012

Georgia, June, Cool!

First day back to work after my mini-break (it must be true love) with Dearest Husband last week. What a great time.. laying by the pool, reading, running, spa-ing, evenings drinking and canoodling... it was just what this Eddy needed. First vacation without the kiddos since they were born. Deep sigh.

Ah... Stone Mountain... I miss you already....

 Normally it would be hard to come back to Monday morning, but this time, it is not. Today happens to be my 8th Wedding Anniversary - bronze - for marrying THIS guy:

Really, I am so lucky. There was fireworks on our wedding day 8 years ago and thankfully, there still is fireworks today. I'm a lucky girl. And it gets better! This week, my brother is coming into town and we are celebrating my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! Cool, cool, triple cool!

July is starting out on a high note. What happened in June you ask....

Miles: 61.13
Runs: 18
Hours: 12:00:69
Calories: 7,431

It isn't a 100 mile month, but its 61 miles on the treadmill, in the summer, in the desert. I'm getting faster and still loving my runs. I've come to grips with my new distances and forgiven myself for my over indulgences. I need to get back to the diet but I also have to just keep livin..

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