Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lymon Munson 5K - Fire it Up!

I donned my Fire It Up bracelet and jumped on the treadmill this morning. My employer, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, was encouraging us all to celebrate the life of Lymon Munson.  

Lyman Munson...
...loved learning and sharing his knowledge with others. Accomplished academically and as an outstanding underwriter, Lyman challenged conventional thinking and always shared his knowledge freely. 
...valued the opinions of others and led by example. He believed in the power and responsibility of asking questions and making tough decisions. 
...had a zest for life. He was a passionate runner, who deeply loved his family, community, and greyhound rescue dogs.
...loved root beer and ate chocolate chip cookies, daily.
...believed in One Fireman's Fund -- that our collective whole is greater than the sum of our individual disciplines. 
...will forever be known for the phrase "Fire it up!" Said frequently, and with passion, this statement was Lyman's way of inspiring others to take on challenges and focus on winning. Lyman "Fired it up" each and  every day!

So, Fire it Up today!  Lymon Munson, this 5K is for you! 

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Erik said...

Fire it UP, Baby!