Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Things Thursday - A Retrospective

Feeling a bit nostalgic today, I've taken a look back at what I was doing in May 2011.

1. My RUNiversary. I took it to the streets for the first time in April 2011 and ran my first 20 mile week the first week of May 2011. Pushing too far too soon, I quickly slowed down. Darn Achilles pain! I've been a runner for a year. It has been a life changing year, and even though I am currently in a bit of a slump, I am ever so proud of what I've accomplished.

2. My GARMINiversy. I wasn't far down the road when I "gadgeted up". My brother was in Madtown that weekend and REI was running their annual sale. Eddy picked up the ForeRunner 110 and hasn't left home without it since. I'm not sure what exactly I would do without my Garmin. Yep, I'm one of those runners. Need music, pace, distance, and speed available at all times. These days, just walking the dog, looking at my Garmin is horribly depressing, but I'm still wearing it and it is still motivating me.

3. Size 14. This time last year, I was beeping. I was a size 14. I was celebrating it. I was loving the non-PLUS size clothes shopping. I was proud of my body. I felt strong and capable. May 2012? I'm Size 14, again. This time, I'm feeling flabby and embarrassed. It has everything with how I got to sz 14 again. Last year, I had lost 80 pounds and earned every size of clothing that I dropped. Since losing the 100 lbs, I've gained back a happy 10 lbs and am comfortably back into my 14s. My stint at SZ 12 was like my wedding day---- gorgeous, full of photos, smiles, compliments, celebrations, a whirlwind... and short lived. Back in normal day life, having moments of weakness and struggle, I'm a 14. And that's ok.

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