Monday, April 2, 2012

Jelly Bean 10K and March Recap

Ok. I did it. I can still run. I can't believe how much it feels like starting over. I've put on a couple of pounds and a whole lot of doubt in the last 2 weeks. I've committed to doing the Jelly Bean, and this morning, I did. Accomplishment feels good. This is no great time to write home about. And yes, there were moments of walking (acclimation to dry is hard to come by), but 6.2 has been logged at 1:04.13. Funny.. that's a PR. I've never actually run a 10K race before. Small victories but I'll take 'em.

Jelly Bean 10K by agirlcallededdy at Garmin Connect - Details

And my post run mug shot! Very windy today. I tried to capture some of our roses. And well, it looks like the rose likes my nose. 

Looking ahead, I'm very happy to have this month behind me. For the sake of full disclosure, here is my March recap:

March 2012
No.of Runs: 14
Total Miles: 60
Total Time: 4 hours
Total Calories Burn: 8,653

I slipped from my 100 mile a month average but you might have noticed we've had some things going on this month. I'm going to give myself a buy on the whole moving across the country thing. How many months can I use THAT excuse?! ; )

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Erik said...

At least 3 months, I'm pretty sure...