Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 Things Thursday - Pita Jungle, Drivers License, Retro Looks

1. Pita Jungle. I had the chance to meet up with a fellow Tough Chik (registration reopens in May!) on Tuesday for lunch and I JUMPED at the chance. I've been feeling awfully down about my current state of fitness. No one to blame but myself and a massive sugar addiction - I headed to Scottsdale yearning for some inspiration. Boy, did I get it. Inspiration and a bit of envy as well. This Tough Chik has got it going on... confidence, independence, and travel inducing new job for a cool company. Although we were at different places in our lives and (obviously) different levels of fitness, we had a nice chat as two women out in the world trying to make it happen. I hope we are able to meet up again soon! Oh, and we had lunch at Pita Jungle... thus the Pita Jungle reference. Roar! I am woman (at Pita Jungle) hear me Roar!

2. Drivers License. Trying to get my life in order, I headed off to the Arizona Department of Transportation this week to get my license and my van sorted. I didn't think much about having my picture taken, or replacing my Wisconsin license, so when the gal said to me - "Do you want this old license or should we pitch it?" I stumbled: "Oh, I'll save it for posterity." I'm glad I did. What a documentation of my journey:

3. Its throw back to the 80's here in the Lewis house this week. Daycare is having "Color"' days this week, and we've been dressing accordingly. In an effort to be the super-cool-80's-child that I am, I've been calling on the garments that my Mom saved of mine to keep it all in the family. Here are XJ and Miss P looking all retro hipster in their orange duds. I love the total look of disgusted boredom with my effort to get them to smile/pose.

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Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

So jealous of your Tough Chik meet up! I've been dying for a blogger meet up just to feel like I "belong". And I love the kids outfits! Wish my mom saved some of mine. They would definetly be vintage!