Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 Things Thursday - Grapefruit, Biking, Age

1. Grapefruit. We've got a lot of it and I'm learning to love it. The fruit in our new yard is still a real novelty, and the whole family is enjoying the harvest. Here are our little worker bees singing the praises of grapefruit! Ps. Grapefruit is cool cause it is pink!

2.  I flirted with biking last year. I even took a spin class (yes, just one, but whatever). The most I really ever did was hitch the tot carrier to the back to get all of us down to the Glacier Crossing Pool. Well, faced with my Jelly Bean option of 13.1 half marathon or 21K (13 mile) bike ride in North Phoenix, I chose the later. So I popped on my helmet and took to the streets this morning. I probably should have mapped a route (I didn't). I probably should have brought more accessible water (note to self, buy water bottle attachment thingie). I rode this way and that and watched the miles tick off on the Garmin. It was nice to be without the constant pumping bass of my Pandora station. Just me and the various vehicles that were trying to avoid me. Ah, peace...

3. So, I usually keep it under wraps, but I can't help but mention a little (or big, depending on your view) birthday coming up. Eddy turns 35 on Saturday. That's right folks. 35 years old. Geez, when the heck did that happen? I certainly don't FEEL 35 years old. Especially now, with all the transformation in the past 2 years, I should get a do-over and be able to relive the whole 25-30 era sans 100lbs. Oh the damage that could be done! . . oh wait, that's how I GAINED 100 lbs. I remember now.  So, yeah. No big plans, just a casual acknowledgment of another year of Eddy having come and gone. And just cause I was so darn cute as a kiddo, here's me and my Muffin puppy from 1984. (Wow I look like XJ right here!)

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ltlindian said...

1. I love grapefruit! Lucky you!

2. I love biking but never do it either. Great job. Yes, the water is a key component of biking. Thankfully, my bike had one already attached when I got it.

3. Happy Birthday! 35 is nothing. I'm 42 this year. :p