Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 Things Thursday - Mojo, finishing, Eddy's Half

1. Mojo. Life is a Marathon, so pace yourself. I'm still dealing with a lot of frustration related to the wimpy end to my half marathon training. I'm fizzling out and although I'm trying real hard to forgive myself for it (life happens), I still feel blah... just blah. Its ok. I know it is. I know that life happening is more important right now. But I've lost my mojo and I'm suffering. I've got to remember, life is a marathon. Pace yourself Eddy.

2. Finishing. "Real achievement comes from racing ahead when no one else sees the path." My husband has been a fan of Seth's Blog for a while and I can see why. Click the link and see what a short, concise, and motivational blog can be.

They say, run your own race. So I'm going to. Next Friday. My own half "mara"-thon. 13.1 miles of running with this big dino chasing me -I've got to finish this.

3. Eddy's half. I've mapped it out. I'm going to try to finish this one next Friday as a celebration of running in Wisconsin. Finishing my own race. Seeing the training thru to the end. I'll report back, promise. So, if you see some crazy girl out there with a racing bib on and no one else around here, just know she's running her own race...

Here's the route:

Find more Run in Madison, WI


Erik said...

I'll be there to celebrate!!! :)

dingkai said...

Great Post.
(You are, however, completely insane.)