Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Things Thursday- Hi-Tec, Preparation, Pistachios

1. Eddy's got some new shoes on. I couldn't help but pick up these lightweight numbers for some possible desert trail running. Thank you to The Shoebox - the largest shoe store in the mid west - for having a rocking sale as I picked these up for the low low price of $55.

These Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity HPi are billed as lightweight trail runners for the adventure runner. I don't currently fit that description, lightweight, adventure or trail runner (Ha!) but I'm preparing for the Eddy metamorphosis from cold weather Clydesdale to tank top sporting glistening Betty.  In typical Eddy fashion, preparation begins by starting to collect the things I will need for the next challenge.

 I had a nice short 3 miler in these puppies today and so far, so good. They aren't going to be a long run shoe, but they felt nice and light and I had a spring in my stride this morning.

 2. Preparations. This is encompassing pretty much every moment of my day and every thought in my pint sized brain right now. I'm trying to get ready - from the basic, what am I going to need to the perplexing, how am I going to adapt? I'm a planner, I'm good at decisions. So, in an effort to keep those little voices at bay, you know the ones, the "why am I doing this" ones... I'm preparing. I figure in the desert, I will need a lot of this:

3. 'S Wonderful. 'S Marvelous. I love these. And you should to. Get Crackin.  Wonderful Pistachios.Or, if you are lazy for me, get these ones:

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