Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 Things Thursday- Final Days, Doubt, What to Wear?

1. Final Days

Today is the final day that Eddy is home alone. Hubs will arrive tonight at midnight and over the weekend we will organize, pack and load this household into a truck to be shipped to the Valley of the Sun. Considering how every day felt like a year, it really has flown by. We've had our moments (leaving The Lorax early, and busting out of Olive Garden last night - come to mind), and we've been whiny, clingy, crabby, loud and silly, but we've survived. Whew. This Momma is tired. 


My thought this week was taper. Instead I've run 3 miles every day just to burn off the anxiety and stress of the move. Wisconsin has shed its winter coat and the weather is outrageous for March. My body is in shock. Last week I ran my practice 13.1 in 20 degrees. If I run it tomorrow (and I am putting that big IF out there cause frankly it might not happen), it will be close to 50 degrees warmer.My struggles with this warming trend is troubling considering what I will be faced with in the near term. I'm feeling rather overwhelmed but just trying to take it all one day at a time. Right now, I am running with Doubt. Argh.

3. What to Wear?

Not only has the weather screwed with my internal temperature controls but now I have no idea what to WEAR to run. Having gained back a couple of pounds, in these new summer like running clothes everything is jiggling and I am feeling TOTALLY exposed. Not pretty. I've forgotten what it feels like to just put it out there. I like the comfort of head to toe compression coverings dressed up with cute little jackets, hats with pony tail holes, etc. I've had at least two weeks this week where I've had to stop, retie the draw string, yank on the shirt... why are all these shirts soo short? What do you wear to run in the sun?

I have found new love for my new Aspaeris shorts. these are nice. No muffin top and they are keeping the jiggles at bay. Bonus, they make my quads feel like they are getting a massage. Sweet! Thanks Aspaeris!!

See how nice I look in them? Yeah, no.... I wish.

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