Monday, February 6, 2012

Nathan, Nuun and Honey Stingers! (Week 10 Training Recap)

Sometimes you just gotta have some new stuff to get you excited. I was psyched for my long run this week so that I could start experimenting with hydration and fuel. I have a sprint size handheld that I used for fluids this past summer, but I had never given much thought to replacing fluids during my 10+ mile runs because I've been doing them all in sub-freezing temps. Well, I was wrong. I still sweat (I know, still human) so I must replace that fluid. Thus, the Nathan Quickdraw Plus.

And I am embarrassed. Or blond. Or both. Who runs holding a hand held wrong?! Turns out, I do. Or did. I couldn't figure out why the back of my hand was so sore, and as I complained to Hubs, he politely pointed out that maybe I was holding the bottle wrong. "Huh?" He suggested that maybe you actually hold the bottle versus holding the strap. As I learned, if you hold the strap such that the full bottle of fluid smacks against the back of your hand for every stride, it will hurt after an hour or so. My Hubs -- Genius --and not even a runner. Good thing I've got him to keep me on the straight and narrow.

What better to put in the new Nathan than some Nuun? Now, I ordered Kona Cola flavor as recommended by Dimity ala Running Like a Mother. I don't know what I thought when I ordered this, something along the lines of Pina Colada (seriously chalking up blond moments), but the cola thing was lost on me. So when I tasted it, I was like "WHA?". In my first outing I sort of forced it down. Bleh. But you know, it grew on me. During my 12 miler on Friday, the taste seemed to mellow and I liked it. I really like Nuun, flavor issues aside. I'm super excited to try others-  Strawberry Lemonade for one. So awesome that Nuun are Team Tough Chik sponsers. Three cheers for discounts!

Honey Stingers. That just sounds cool. I have yet to dabble in the world of gels, GUs, chomps, and all things fuel. I thought that these little honey soaked waffles might be a good first step towards fueling for long runs. The idea of sloshing down a strange flavors of neon colored gel just seemed less that appetizing. Some advice that I've read says that for half marathons to fuel at 4-5 miles and 8-9 miles. During my 12 miler this week, I scarfed a honey waffle down at 7 miles, right when the good feeling of fresh legs and happy tunes was wearing off and the mind was starting to cut corners on my predetermined route. This waffle followed by a  swing of caffeine enhanced Nuun, and I was pepping to go. The fuel and fluids kept me happy for another 3 miles, and all and all I would say that this long run was the most satisfying to date. My recovery was quicker than previous weeks (thank you chocolate milk), and I feel that with 12 miles done at home in 2:05 mins (including waiting at several roads crossings, etc.), that a sub 2:20 half marathon isn't a total pipe dream.

The Garmin week in review:

 Count: 5 Activities
 Distance: 31.17 mi
 Time: 5:21:40 h:m:s
 Elevation Gain: 798 ft
 Avg Speed: 5.8 mph
 Avg HR: 153 bpm
 Calories: 3,984 C

Joy! Every run was outside. Thank you fake Wisconsin spring. You've been good too me. So much that I will try not to complain about the high of 10 that is forecast for Friday - my next long run.

Oh, and I'm not even going to talk about the Patriots. I am too depressed.

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Michelle said...

Oh my! I am laughing so hard !!!! The water bottle ... the blonde moments! Thanks, I needed that :)

Great job on your run