Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving Comfort - Juno Sports Bra - Review

Boobies. Bubs. Boulders. We've all got 'em. Well, all us gals and some guys. Running puts our relationship to the test. Bounce Boobies Bounce! Guys love it, girls hate it.

Thus, the sports bra. The mono boob. A necessary evil. Or is it? 

At the recommendation of some Tough Chik's, I held onto my nerves and let my purse strings go when I ordered the Moving Comfort Juno Bra off Amazon. This bra was said to be good for the well endowed crowd, of which I consider myself a member, if only because:

I actually have little "bubs" (as XJ calls them). However, my little handfuls have nursed two babies, have inflated and deflated from sizes B to DD back to B and shriveled up like raisins with my weight loss and running. I'm not a Popsicles stick with two melons on the front (I wish!). More like a tongue depressor with two oranges squashed on my chest. Pretty picture huh? My endowment comes mostly from being a big girl at points, nursing and for the sake of  TMI, too much left over skin. Gosh, that picture just gets prettier and prettier. Lets move on, shall we?

When I first started running, I was making due with Champion bras from Target. At the Nike Outlet, I pick up some Nike Swift U Back which did the trick thru the summer and fall. On the prowl for something to get me thru my marathon training, I picked up the Juno.

Upon inspection, this bra is no laughing matter. It is intended to tame even the most unruly of the bouncing boobies. It is somewhat molded but not overly (which I like cause molded cups seems to go all wonky in the wash.And lets not even talk about cups with those little foam triangles that get all out of shape).  It is compression but not suffocating. It is adjustable and yet unyielding.

A couple of things. I had been warned that the Juno was hard to get into. Maybe I'm strange, but I had no problems. My trick? Put the bra over your head and pull your boob up into it. Adjust the shoulder straps, attach the back closures and you are good to go. At first, I was concerned about chaffing by my neck where the straps come in (like a racerback), and the first time out, I put some protection there - but alas, my fears were unfounded. No problems with chaffing. I also worried about how my heart rate monitor strap would work with the Juno. My Garmin strap slides right in under the bra, and is held tightly in place. A nice plus, the back is cute, no?

Upon washing, the Juno has held up well. I wash with my running gear and hang dry. So far, so good. 

The Juno is not cheap retailing at $30 - $50 depending on your color choice. But at $30, this bra is a must have for any runner looking to keep the oogling eyes of bouncing boobies at bay. The Juno is now my first choice in boobie gear for those serious runs, and really aren't they all serious?

(Disclaimer: Moving Comfort did not supply me with the Juno to review. I'm not being paid for this opinion. It is just Eddy in my limited experience, telling you what works for me.)

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