Sunday, February 12, 2012

Moving and Shaking (Week 11 Training Recap)

Moving. So much to say here. Moving off the couch, two years ago. Moving to the street, last year. Moving up to training, this winter. Moving to Phoenix, next month.


Stop the presses. I'm moving to the desert.

Let's not beat around the bush. I'm a northern girl. I'm a yankee thru and thru. I'm most at home with snow frequently -- shorts, rarely ---  and palm trees are a delicacy. My long run this week was in 16 degree temps. No wind. A nice Charlie Brown snow. And I was totally digging it. Loving it. Taking the gloves off around the 4 mile mark and soaking thru my Under Armour Balaclava.

It is not just me. It is the whole family. We are a winter weather accessory smorgasbord. Miss P can rattle off the list of things she needs to leave the house, "snowpant, scarf, hat, mittens, jacket, sunglasses." Don't like the purple Tinkerbell hat? No worries, we've got Hello Kitty, or the Gymboree mouse, or the Baby Gap bunny or the Columbia Purple "funny" hat instead. I've got mittens showing up in random places and ice scrapers lined up in the garage. I won't even mention the snow blower parts that take up the other side of the garage..... and that's no joke.

So, yeah, Eddy. In the desert. This is going to be classic. 

As for the shaking. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing. It is a BIG move. Really, since 2006 we've started our slow migration west, starting in New Hampshire, to the Twin Cities, to Madtown, and now to Phoenix. It has been a series of events and with each one, there has been a feeling of inevitability. In New Hampshire we had to move because we couldn't get internet for my telecommuting job. Upon selling our house, Comcast drove up the drive to tell us they were wiring the neighborhood. Oh, and the realtor on the other end of the phone asks, "You have cable out there, right? The buyer is a day trader and needs cable." Yep, we got that. Just in time. Eddy & Hubs, exit New Hampshire.

Today,  our random thought was that maybe we shouldn't move our AWD Black SVU to the arid zone. So we took a  chance and listed it for sale and said - "what the hey! Maybe it will sell." We listed it yesterday. We sold it this morning to the first and only person who looked at it. Inevitability? Yeah, we are feeling it.

Moving. It is bittersweet for me in two ways. First, I've gone through some major personal change here in Madison. A change that will stay with me forever no matter what happens. I've run my 3 mile loop down East Pass, Maple Grove and Cross Country so many times that I feel like I should  - 1. Say thank you to the condo off Maple Grove that has bacon wafting from it every Sunday morning- 2. put a  caution sign out on the stretch of sidewalk on Cross Country where the run off always freezes making it super dangerous and slick - and 3. introduce myself as the random crazy runner that jogs thru the elementary school crossing and waves at the guard 3 times a week regardless of the weather. The circle route for me has become a part of my journey here. I've struggled with it. I've added to it. I've doubled and tripled it. But I've always come back to it. It is my running home. And I'm shaking with nerves to leave my running home.

Second, I've made some friends here which I don't take lightly. For me, making friends is hard. Even harder as an adult. It is easier than it used to be now that we've all got kids, but still, it ain't easy. As I put myself out on the street, I put myself out in the world. I made conscious efforts to just talk to people. To invite people to my kids parties, more for me than for my Miss P (clearly). I can pretty much head out in Madtown now and see someone that I know, and I like that. I will miss that. And I'm sad to leave what I deem to be the beginnings of some close friendships here. That is bittersweet because good friends are hard to come by.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I am moving and shaking. I'm going to have to leave town before my scheduled half marathon but I am determined to finish this training. I'm going to run 13.1 at the end, even if it is only for me. Lets just call that the half "Mara-thon".

This week in review. Another happy week of cold weather running here in Wisconsin. Next week is a taper so it will be good as a lot of my energy will go towards getting this house in order for movers who aren't shakers.

 Count: 5 Activities
 Distance: 28.56 mi
 Time: 4:59:38 h:m:s
 Elevation Gain: 766 ft
 Avg Speed: 5.7 mph
 Avg HR: 148 bpm
 Calories: 3,671 C


Laura said...

Xanthe told me that she is moving, but she couldn't remember where. She said she's excited! We'll have to visit you. Henry wants to go to the Grand Canyon.

Laura said...

Xanthe told me that she's moving, but she couldn't remember where. She said she's excited. We'll have to visit you. Henry wants to go to the Grand Canyon!