Thursday, February 2, 2012

3 Things Thursday - X Training, Guilt & Yogurt

1. Cross Training. I need to do it more. I was really quite proud of my arms and fitness last summer. As much as I've loved running and the routine of my training, it has come at the detriment of the breadth of my fitness. I've been lazy about my strength training and have been forgiving myself all sorts of misgivings as it relates to my diet. Today is a  rest day and I should be cross training, and I haven't. Guilt.

2. Guilt. I'm feeling guilty today. Guilty for not being a better wife to my husband who is awesome and deserves more love and understanding from me. He is the Darcy to my Elizabeth and I need to show him more.

Guilt for being so willing to hand my children over to daycare, babysitters or other caregivers for their daily activities and fun. Guilt for being so self centered about my diet, my fitness, my time. I'm armed with all sorts of reasons why it is better in the long run that I am focusing on me, but every now and then, guilt. I'll get over it though, I always do.

3. Greek Yogurt. Is this stuff the best stuff ever?! YUM! I guess writing this while I eat lunch is obvious!

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