Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 Things Thursday - Packing, Kavu, Luck

I need an outlet this week and so far running has fit the bill. Despite my total depression last week (as evidenced by my maudlin blog recap), I've been pulling on my compression socks this week and putting my game face on. I'm still hurting, but feeling better having completed some good runs.

1. Packing

Gosh, those glossy moving articles with newlyweds joyfully wrapping up coffee mugs while sneaking in a kiss or two are really annoying. I've had moving quotes from Allied, United and Mayflower, and hmmmmm... I'd say United wins the day for the cheesiest promo pictures. They haven't won our business yet, but I find hilarity in this... Look honey! A pan! Oh! A spatula! Golly gee, don't you just love moving!

Eddy thinks:  If you don't stop smiling, I'm going to smash you over the head with this pan!

2. Kavu

At our garage sale last summer I swapped some random item (can't even remember) for a Kavu Seattle Sling Bag. I didn't know it at the time, but this bag has become a favorite run around town carryall. Big enough to hold some stuff, but small enough not to feel burdensome, it really is perfect. Ultimately practical, I've chosen it over my new Coach Kristin Hobo for general usage. So needing some retail therapy I ordered a new Kavu for the trip south. It is a Secret Squirrel in the color Butter Dash. How could that be wrong? Butter..... yum. And this makes me happy because it reminds me of my bestie's visit to Madtown last winter where we delighted in pink squirrels and laughed way too much over this:

3. Luck

I'm feeling blessed and lucky these days. But just to insure myself against Mr. Murphy in the upcoming weeks  I picked up a Brighton charm and will be wearing it for a while. See, Hubs leaves for Phoenix tomorrow and Eddy will be holding down the fort with XJ and Miss P for the interim. Appropriate that we will be in the thick of the moving over St. Patty's Day weekend, so I figured I could use a four leaf clover.I'll take all the luck I can get right now.

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Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

Love that charm! Too cute. You'll need a 13.1 charm soon too! ;)