Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three New Things Thursdays

I'm trying to be like the cool kids and stealing the "Three Things Thursdays" blogs that I see floating around this time of the week. So for this week, it is three New Things:

1. My first (honest to God) group fitness class. That's right folks. I've have NEVER done a group fitness class. I've done DVDs, I've run (clearly) in publik (ala Ron White), I've done the Wii. But never at a proper Gym with other people in the same room doing the same thing. It seems like a small step for mankind and a huge step for Eddy-kind. It was a tad bit of an ego boost that I felt like I wasn't the most uncoordinated person in the spinning room. A lot of New Years Resolution folks were there. I was giving them all a silent cheer since I was pretty much right there with them 18 months ago.

2. My first proper snow run. I just got back from sporting these puppies in some fresh powder.

I felt very confident in my footing and feeling convinced that with these and the proper gear (thanks Mom!), I will be able to tackle my 10 miles tomorrow morning.

3. Worry. I haven't much worried about anything since I started running. I just did it. Since my aches and pains from last weeks long run, I've started to worry about everything from shin splints to hydration. Based on what I'm  reading (and maybe reading is my problem), I've started to get into the distances where I need to be thinking about things like hydration. The whole taking water with me in the form of a big contraption around my waist isn't appealing, but I am not sure what else to do. So for now, I will worry about it. One of these days, I will do something about it. Until then, I will just keep running by the water fountain.

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