Monday, January 30, 2012

I need more palm trees in my life (Week 9 Training Recap)

If I were a New Years Resolution-er, this would be the week that I fell off the bandwagon. What is it about the 4th week of January that brings this sad reality,  vanquishing the newness of January into the longness of winter? A sense that it will be forever until the sun shines again? Almost without fail the calendar dips into depression and along I go with it.  My efforts are labored. My motivation is sunk. I'm feeding my anxiety with cupcakes and there seems no reason to let up.... I've entered the horrible vortex of a shame spiral. A shame eddy, if you will indulge me.

Put down the cupcakes. I need more palm trees in my life.

It has become a joke in our house, that right around Jan/Feb, I start jonzing for a trip. I need a vacation. I need sun and sand and umbrella drinks. I need something to look forward to. A little Bob Marley. A little Jimmy Buffet. Micky Mouse will suffice. Something to plan. Something for which to tan. (Even rhyming today, gosh darn it, I'm cool). My honeymoon was planned during February.  Disney trips. South Beach adventures.  I've got some great memories due to splurge vacations planned in the bleak mid-winter when frosty winds made Eddy moan. (is anyone going to get all these terrible references I'm throwing out there today?)

So, watch out Expedia. I'll be burning up your bandwidth soon. Watch this space.

My Stats (Man, I hate that Garmin doesn't track non-GPS workouts. No love for the treadmill!)

Distance: 30.5 miles

Who knows the rest? I burned a butt load of calories (ate them all back).Ran varying speeds, treadmill tempo run, treadmill intervals, long outside run. It was a good week despite my occasional slip into the dangerous - "Why am I doing this?" territory. I'm armed with hydration and fuel for my next long run and I'm hoping some Nuun and carbs will keep my little Eddy doubter voices at bay this week. 

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