Monday, January 2, 2012

The Anti-Cupcake (Week 5 Training Recap)

If you hadn't noticed I've been messing around with my blog. I've added a couple of pages, moved things around, added some new blogs for good reading (fellow Tough Chiks). I've had plenty of spare time to fiddle. Don't you just love the holidays?!

One of the things I added was a "What Now?" page, and I've been spending lots of time trying to figure out what 2012 will hold for me. I've come across another potential half marathon in April, which is in the running to be my race of choice. I'm likely to register here in the next few days. I am anxious to get that race set on the calendar and work in a couple of shorter distances around that 13.1.

As for training I've moved things around last week due to my 5 miler on Sunday.  Total mileage was 24 as planned, but I moved my 9 miles to earlier in the week. I about did my legs in on the treadmill trying to get my 6 mile tempo run logged on Thursday. I really don't think I will ever like the treadmill. I can handle 4-5 miles but 6 miles at a decent pace was rough for me. Plus, it is the gym, so I'm all hot and sweaty. Yuck. I'll take wind chills and ice over sweat any day of the week.

My nemesis continues to be the scale. I've struggled with my diet over the holidays. Tomorrow I start my food diary / counting calories again. The sugar will be eradicated from the kitchen. No more! I will channel my inner superhero, use running as my anti-cupcake drug of choice, and get these leftovers off this body.


Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Tough Chik! i'm looking forward to following. I think the sugar thing is a problem for me and not counting calories. Sugar detox is hard!

Brandi said...

New follower a la the comments section on MCM Mama's most-recent blog! Always so exciting to find other awesome running-chicas from our fair (or not always so "fair") state of Wisconsin!! :)