Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Things Thursday: My Closet, Jingle Taco, Birthdays

1. My closet. I'm pretty sure I now own more workout related clothes than I do regular run-around-town clothes. I've got loads of wardrobe options for the gym but running short on options to the mall (running short, lol, get it? Running.. .ok, shut up Eddy!). Not sure how that happened. This time last year, I was throwing $$ at clothes. Getting into sizes I used to dream about but now I'd rather spend $60 on cute compression socks than a sweater from The Loft. What has become of me?! Here's my box of running gear that sits in my closet. Just a symptom of my much larger issue:

2. Jingle Taco. That's what my soon-to-be 4 year old calls the brand spanking new Taco Bell at the top of the hill by our neighborhood. Jingle ala Jingle Bells, and she first noticed it around Christmas time. I am acutely aware that Taco Bell has been operating in that location for over a year. Every time I drive by it I give myself a pat on the back and sigh a bit of disbelief - I've never eaten there. This from a girl who used to drive up to the mall during her pregnancy with Miss P to get my Taco Bell fix. Testament to how much things can change. Sorry Taco Bell. I hope someone else is keeping you in business now.

3. Birthdays. My lovely XJ is turning 4 years old this weekend. Its such a cliche to say that I can't believe it - it has gone too fast - how could she be 4?! But my Mommy friends will understand. As a Mom you remember every moment of that first birth. From the waiting for labor to the sight of your baby for the first time. Those emotions are imprinted forever on my heart. To think that 4 years have passed... that my little girl is heading off to Pre-K (wait, not college, right?) next fall, is exerting more independence, sassy, sweet and smart... it is all too much for this Eddy to handle. If I could just wrap her up in my arms and hold her tight, like I did that first day in the hospital-- for just another moment. But alas time ticks on... 

XJ first smile - 6 weeks
XJ Sassafrass - 3.5 yrs

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I love three things Thursday. :)