Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Things Thursday

3 Things Thursday... deep, superficial and work-related:

1.  I'm anxious therefore I eat. 18 months into my weight loss and maintenance journey and it has become blatantly obvious to me that the trigger for my overeating is anxiety. There is a little bit of what Eddy refers to as a "snow globe" happening in my life right now.  Without getting into specifics, lets just say that there is a the small potential for some significant change in our household. Thus, the trigger for some anxiety on my part. 

For the most part, I (think) that I handle stress well. My response includes a little bit of malaise, disbelief and denial. When all else fails, I push up my sleeves and get down and dirty. That is my response. Oh, and I only get down and dirty when an actual deadline is looming. I respond well to pressure. So, a looming change that I can't do anything to impact, assist or otherwise alter is enough to cause me to reach for the cupcakes, or the second serving of spaghetti, or really whatever I can get in my mouth (I'm not picky). This phenomena began on Tuesday nite when I had a crazy almost-pregnant-like cravings for carbs. I cooked up a massive quantity of pasta and chowed down. Yesterday I couldn't keep myself from raiding the fridge, and the tacos I tasted last nite were a thing of magic. More! More! More! 

I've got no answer for this other than to acknowledge my behavior and to know that the situation causing my anxiety is out of my control. What will happen is meant to happen one way or another. I've got to let the stress and the sugar go. Step away from the sugar!

2. This week my new Moving Comfort "Juno" sports bra arrived as well as the CEP compression sleeves that I ordered off Amazon. I haven't run in either yet, although I put the CEP sleeves on after my long run on Monday. Wow. It was like wrapping my legs in a cooling gel or something. I immediately felt the circulation improvement. I'm not sure how much it helped (since I felt better after this 10 miler than the last one), but I'm excited to see how my next long run (not this week, but 11 miles next) goes.  Thanks to the Team Tough Chik ladies for all their thoughts on the sports bra dealio. You guys are a  great source of information!!

3. Performance Appraisals. Its that time of year when the employer is asking me, "What have you done for me lately?" I have a love/hate relationship with performance appraisals. I think when it comes to my non-work life, I'm pretty often doing performance appraisals. I collect the data (Garmin), I check with body to see how I am  feeling (everything A-ok?), and I take note on what I might do differently next time I head out (whether to date nite or the gym). I'm ambitious but calculated and I set a plan to achieve a goal (or at least I do now). But, despite implementing this kind of scheme into my personal and fitness life, I could do better at work. My ego is somewhat deflated this week.  I am realizing as I am writing my "performance appraisal" that I can and need to do better this year. I've always relied on my ability to retain information, communicate and get results, but Me thinks perhaps I need to do some better planning and organizing. 2012 will be better. I've never been much of an organizer, so this is going to be a challenge for me. See Eddy organize!

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