Monday, January 30, 2012

11 Random Things - Condensed Version

So, I want to play, but I've missed the momentum in the whole tagging of other bloggers thing. I'm feeling sad about it, but know that 4 year old Birthdays with XJ and other fun family diversions are a good excuse. For those out there in happy runner blogger land who are interested here are my 11 Randoms. I won't be tagging anyone... so from the outset I am a rebel - nope, this Eddy can't follow the rules, so I won't even recite them.

11 Random Things About Me:
  1. Sweet Potatoes are my favorite food.
  2. I can’t wrap a present.
  3. I’ve had lots of nicknames: Eddy, Maud, Pinkie, The Destoyer, #4, Batman.
  4. I was a founding sister of Chi Omega at Bucknell University.
  5. If I could do it all over again, I’m not sure I would go to Bucknell University!
  6. I wrote a thesis on Arminianism.
  7. I love school. I dream of going back, but I have no idea what I’d want to study.
  8. I’m pretty sure in my own personal purgatory I’d have to fold laundry for eternity.
  9. I’ve driven a car thru Times Square.
  10. I used to live in a Castle (and still do in my head!).
  11. Prosecco is my celebratory drink of choice.
questions for me:
Now here are your 11 questions:
  1. Dream car?
Range or Land Rover. Any vintage, old or new.
  1. Dream Running shoes?
Ummm…I like the ones I’ve got. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. Should I be dreaming for something more?
  1. If you had only 1 food to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?
Sweet Potatoes.
  1. Favorite TV show?
Right now, Downton Abbey. When season 2 starts in April, it might be Game of Thrones.
  1. Biggest Pet Peeve?
Drivers who text. Drivers than slow down or stop on a merge... ARGH. Gets me fired up just thinking about it.
  1. What friend (IRL or online) would you want to go for dinner with?
Robin to my Batman. Dre. She’s always my first choice (after Hubs, of course).
  1. If you could only strength train or run for the rest of your life which would you choose and why?
Run. I love the high.
  1. Favorite living things that lives in the water?
Sea Turtles. The really big ones. They just look cool and I can’t help but conjure up the dude Turtles from Nemo when I think of them.
  1. Biggest time waster?
  1. Runner’s World or Running Times?
Runner’s World
  1. Favorite race distance? If you haven’t raced what is your favorite distance to run
So far, 5 miles. But ask me after my first half in April!

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ltlindian said...

Hey! I'm a Chi-O too! From University of Maine. Oh, and I'm a Tough Chik as well. :) I guess we have a lot in common. :):)