Monday, January 30, 2012

I need more palm trees in my life (Week 9 Training Recap)

If I were a New Years Resolution-er, this would be the week that I fell off the bandwagon. What is it about the 4th week of January that brings this sad reality,  vanquishing the newness of January into the longness of winter? A sense that it will be forever until the sun shines again? Almost without fail the calendar dips into depression and along I go with it.  My efforts are labored. My motivation is sunk. I'm feeding my anxiety with cupcakes and there seems no reason to let up.... I've entered the horrible vortex of a shame spiral. A shame eddy, if you will indulge me.

Put down the cupcakes. I need more palm trees in my life.

It has become a joke in our house, that right around Jan/Feb, I start jonzing for a trip. I need a vacation. I need sun and sand and umbrella drinks. I need something to look forward to. A little Bob Marley. A little Jimmy Buffet. Micky Mouse will suffice. Something to plan. Something for which to tan. (Even rhyming today, gosh darn it, I'm cool). My honeymoon was planned during February.  Disney trips. South Beach adventures.  I've got some great memories due to splurge vacations planned in the bleak mid-winter when frosty winds made Eddy moan. (is anyone going to get all these terrible references I'm throwing out there today?)

So, watch out Expedia. I'll be burning up your bandwidth soon. Watch this space.

My Stats (Man, I hate that Garmin doesn't track non-GPS workouts. No love for the treadmill!)

Distance: 30.5 miles

Who knows the rest? I burned a butt load of calories (ate them all back).Ran varying speeds, treadmill tempo run, treadmill intervals, long outside run. It was a good week despite my occasional slip into the dangerous - "Why am I doing this?" territory. I'm armed with hydration and fuel for my next long run and I'm hoping some Nuun and carbs will keep my little Eddy doubter voices at bay this week. 

11 Random Things - Condensed Version

So, I want to play, but I've missed the momentum in the whole tagging of other bloggers thing. I'm feeling sad about it, but know that 4 year old Birthdays with XJ and other fun family diversions are a good excuse. For those out there in happy runner blogger land who are interested here are my 11 Randoms. I won't be tagging anyone... so from the outset I am a rebel - nope, this Eddy can't follow the rules, so I won't even recite them.

11 Random Things About Me:
  1. Sweet Potatoes are my favorite food.
  2. I can’t wrap a present.
  3. I’ve had lots of nicknames: Eddy, Maud, Pinkie, The Destoyer, #4, Batman.
  4. I was a founding sister of Chi Omega at Bucknell University.
  5. If I could do it all over again, I’m not sure I would go to Bucknell University!
  6. I wrote a thesis on Arminianism.
  7. I love school. I dream of going back, but I have no idea what I’d want to study.
  8. I’m pretty sure in my own personal purgatory I’d have to fold laundry for eternity.
  9. I’ve driven a car thru Times Square.
  10. I used to live in a Castle (and still do in my head!).
  11. Prosecco is my celebratory drink of choice.
questions for me:
Now here are your 11 questions:
  1. Dream car?
Range or Land Rover. Any vintage, old or new.
  1. Dream Running shoes?
Ummm…I like the ones I’ve got. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. Should I be dreaming for something more?
  1. If you had only 1 food to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?
Sweet Potatoes.
  1. Favorite TV show?
Right now, Downton Abbey. When season 2 starts in April, it might be Game of Thrones.
  1. Biggest Pet Peeve?
Drivers who text. Drivers than slow down or stop on a merge... ARGH. Gets me fired up just thinking about it.
  1. What friend (IRL or online) would you want to go for dinner with?
Robin to my Batman. Dre. She’s always my first choice (after Hubs, of course).
  1. If you could only strength train or run for the rest of your life which would you choose and why?
Run. I love the high.
  1. Favorite living things that lives in the water?
Sea Turtles. The really big ones. They just look cool and I can’t help but conjure up the dude Turtles from Nemo when I think of them.
  1. Biggest time waster?
  1. Runner’s World or Running Times?
Runner’s World
  1. Favorite race distance? If you haven’t raced what is your favorite distance to run
So far, 5 miles. But ask me after my first half in April!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Berbee Derby 2011 Slideshow

As some of you will remember, the Berbee Derby was my first race! They just posted this slideshow on their Facebook page, and although it lacks an essential element, yours truly, it is nice to relive that race and think how far I've come. That day, I didn't question whether I would finish the 5K, but I got inducted into the running world. It was cold, it was damp, it was crowded, the course had a hill I didn't anticipate but when I got home, I was motivated for my next race. I'll forever be grateful to the Derby for that reason alone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Things Thursday: My Closet, Jingle Taco, Birthdays

1. My closet. I'm pretty sure I now own more workout related clothes than I do regular run-around-town clothes. I've got loads of wardrobe options for the gym but running short on options to the mall (running short, lol, get it? Running.. .ok, shut up Eddy!). Not sure how that happened. This time last year, I was throwing $$ at clothes. Getting into sizes I used to dream about but now I'd rather spend $60 on cute compression socks than a sweater from The Loft. What has become of me?! Here's my box of running gear that sits in my closet. Just a symptom of my much larger issue:

2. Jingle Taco. That's what my soon-to-be 4 year old calls the brand spanking new Taco Bell at the top of the hill by our neighborhood. Jingle ala Jingle Bells, and she first noticed it around Christmas time. I am acutely aware that Taco Bell has been operating in that location for over a year. Every time I drive by it I give myself a pat on the back and sigh a bit of disbelief - I've never eaten there. This from a girl who used to drive up to the mall during her pregnancy with Miss P to get my Taco Bell fix. Testament to how much things can change. Sorry Taco Bell. I hope someone else is keeping you in business now.

3. Birthdays. My lovely XJ is turning 4 years old this weekend. Its such a cliche to say that I can't believe it - it has gone too fast - how could she be 4?! But my Mommy friends will understand. As a Mom you remember every moment of that first birth. From the waiting for labor to the sight of your baby for the first time. Those emotions are imprinted forever on my heart. To think that 4 years have passed... that my little girl is heading off to Pre-K (wait, not college, right?) next fall, is exerting more independence, sassy, sweet and smart... it is all too much for this Eddy to handle. If I could just wrap her up in my arms and hold her tight, like I did that first day in the hospital-- for just another moment. But alas time ticks on... 

XJ first smile - 6 weeks
XJ Sassafrass - 3.5 yrs

Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting to know Mr. Treadmill (Week 8 Training Recap)

Snow. Sleet. Brutal wind chills. Puddles full of sloppy mixed nastiness. Rain. Wind. More Snow.

I'm not a fan. I am a fan of hot chocolate with gingerbread marshmallows topped with Hershey's syrup though... Yummo!

I'm getting to be better friends with Mr. Treadmill. Who I have spent more time getting to know this past week than ever. Thankfully, it was a taper week - just maintaining base mileage- before the training ramps up again next week.

 Count: 4 Activities
 Distance: 20.22 mi
 Time: 3:52:12 h:m:s
 Elevation Gain: 62 ft
 Avg Speed: 5.2 mph
 Avg HR: 150 bpm
 Calories: 2,794 C

As a follow up to my Three Things Thursday post last week, my mind is still churning but I am in a more peaceful place about potential changes (or not as the case may be). I credit my super laid back Hubs for keeping his and my cool. And a lovely relaxed weekend with the girls to center myself. On Saturday we took the kids out in the snow, where Eddy channeled her inner preschooler and made snow angels, ice cream snow cones and dragged them around the neighborhood on the sled. Yeah, that's me, in Hub's Carhartts. Sexy!

(As an Garmin RSS feed to the left of this post doesn't feed activities that don't have the GPS on. Strange glitch with the Garmin that I don't understand, but the short of it is that if I didn't run outside, the run doesn't show on that RSS feed. But rest assured, I did in fact, log my miles this week!)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Things Thursday

3 Things Thursday... deep, superficial and work-related:

1.  I'm anxious therefore I eat. 18 months into my weight loss and maintenance journey and it has become blatantly obvious to me that the trigger for my overeating is anxiety. There is a little bit of what Eddy refers to as a "snow globe" happening in my life right now.  Without getting into specifics, lets just say that there is a the small potential for some significant change in our household. Thus, the trigger for some anxiety on my part. 

For the most part, I (think) that I handle stress well. My response includes a little bit of malaise, disbelief and denial. When all else fails, I push up my sleeves and get down and dirty. That is my response. Oh, and I only get down and dirty when an actual deadline is looming. I respond well to pressure. So, a looming change that I can't do anything to impact, assist or otherwise alter is enough to cause me to reach for the cupcakes, or the second serving of spaghetti, or really whatever I can get in my mouth (I'm not picky). This phenomena began on Tuesday nite when I had a crazy almost-pregnant-like cravings for carbs. I cooked up a massive quantity of pasta and chowed down. Yesterday I couldn't keep myself from raiding the fridge, and the tacos I tasted last nite were a thing of magic. More! More! More! 

I've got no answer for this other than to acknowledge my behavior and to know that the situation causing my anxiety is out of my control. What will happen is meant to happen one way or another. I've got to let the stress and the sugar go. Step away from the sugar!

2. This week my new Moving Comfort "Juno" sports bra arrived as well as the CEP compression sleeves that I ordered off Amazon. I haven't run in either yet, although I put the CEP sleeves on after my long run on Monday. Wow. It was like wrapping my legs in a cooling gel or something. I immediately felt the circulation improvement. I'm not sure how much it helped (since I felt better after this 10 miler than the last one), but I'm excited to see how my next long run (not this week, but 11 miles next) goes.  Thanks to the Team Tough Chik ladies for all their thoughts on the sports bra dealio. You guys are a  great source of information!!

3. Performance Appraisals. Its that time of year when the employer is asking me, "What have you done for me lately?" I have a love/hate relationship with performance appraisals. I think when it comes to my non-work life, I'm pretty often doing performance appraisals. I collect the data (Garmin), I check with body to see how I am  feeling (everything A-ok?), and I take note on what I might do differently next time I head out (whether to date nite or the gym). I'm ambitious but calculated and I set a plan to achieve a goal (or at least I do now). But, despite implementing this kind of scheme into my personal and fitness life, I could do better at work. My ego is somewhat deflated this week.  I am realizing as I am writing my "performance appraisal" that I can and need to do better this year. I've always relied on my ability to retain information, communicate and get results, but Me thinks perhaps I need to do some better planning and organizing. 2012 will be better. I've never been much of an organizer, so this is going to be a challenge for me. See Eddy organize!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Watch your Habits for they become your Character (Week 7 Training Recap)

I'm adding a day to the week. I will dub this day, the "Long Run Day". This day can be added to any given week during winter training when the weather, injury or other diversion keeps you from your long run at its normally scheduled programming. After being challenged finding a surface to run on, see below... and making the executive decision to call it quits at 4.5 miles, I DVRed my long run for today by adding "Long Run Day" to this week.

 Caption: "I'm pretty sure this is dumb."

Deviating from the training plan is a first for me. I don't do it. Discipline is my middle name.But, considering my race isn't scheduled until a month AFTER my training ends, I figure I can add my new day - Long Run Day - into my plan and the world won't end. I also realized that by looking ahead that this upcoming week of training is a taper week, with no long run scheduled. Thus, I could add Long Run Day without any serious repercussions.

Thanks to Nutrition Divas for a great reminder on hydration for athletes! A lovely mention for yours truly. 

Enough explanations? Its a done deal. And really, does anyone care but me? Probably not!

So onto the stats:
 Count: 6 Activities
 Distance: 27.22 mi
 Time: 5:29:54 h:m:s
 Elevation Gain: 704 ft
 Avg Speed: 5.0 mph
 Avg HR: 149 bpm
 Calories: 3,649 C

Weight you ask? I'm down 4 lbs from my post holidays high. It is what it is.

And in other news, it was a lovely weekend for a date night and a matinee. I'm going to boast here. I love this pic. I don't see this girl yet, so its nice to see her in the camera lens. Plus, I love Eno Vino. Great nite!

 Hubs and Eddy headed out to the Sundance Cinemas and caught Meryl Streep in amazing form as Margaret Thatcher this afternoon. There are lots of quotable moments in the film, but this one resonated clearly with this Brooker (thank you Stony Brook for imprinting motto "Character Before Career" on my life)...

"Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become...habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! What we think we become."- Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three New Things Thursdays

I'm trying to be like the cool kids and stealing the "Three Things Thursdays" blogs that I see floating around this time of the week. So for this week, it is three New Things:

1. My first (honest to God) group fitness class. That's right folks. I've have NEVER done a group fitness class. I've done DVDs, I've run (clearly) in publik (ala Ron White), I've done the Wii. But never at a proper Gym with other people in the same room doing the same thing. It seems like a small step for mankind and a huge step for Eddy-kind. It was a tad bit of an ego boost that I felt like I wasn't the most uncoordinated person in the spinning room. A lot of New Years Resolution folks were there. I was giving them all a silent cheer since I was pretty much right there with them 18 months ago.

2. My first proper snow run. I just got back from sporting these puppies in some fresh powder.

I felt very confident in my footing and feeling convinced that with these and the proper gear (thanks Mom!), I will be able to tackle my 10 miles tomorrow morning.

3. Worry. I haven't much worried about anything since I started running. I just did it. Since my aches and pains from last weeks long run, I've started to worry about everything from shin splints to hydration. Based on what I'm  reading (and maybe reading is my problem), I've started to get into the distances where I need to be thinking about things like hydration. The whole taking water with me in the form of a big contraption around my waist isn't appealing, but I am not sure what else to do. So for now, I will worry about it. One of these days, I will do something about it. Until then, I will just keep running by the water fountain.

Nutrition Divas

Nutrition Divas (who I can personally attest are awesome!) based in Madtown started up a brand spanking new and shiny nutrition blog. All of us need a reminder on how to eat right, go check out some good stuff from dieticians Laura and Kelly! Head on over and give them some new blog love!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Stems (Week 6 Training Recap)

Anyone who thinks that Clueless is a movie of genius will get my blog title..... 

I’m in a funk and I blame my left "stem", ahem, shin. It is a testament to my clueless newbie runner status that I have gone so long in ignorance of the limitations of my body. To date, the only limitation I’ve been aware of is my “jiggles”. But I figured as long as I could get over my own issues related to my remaining weight (and loose skin) that whatever? Who cares?

Clueless no more. I’ve learned this weekend what it means to have a will that is stronger than the body. Granted, it wasn’t any single run. It has been coming. If I am honest with myself, I’ve felt it in my body for the past couple of weeks.  Prior to the New Years Day Dash, I had 7 days of severe fatigue in my legs. I was tired. I slogged thru my runs, a slave to my training. I logged the miles and berated myself for feeling so tired. I chalked it up to the holiday diet and not giving myself good fuel for my runs.

After the high of the New Years Day Dash, my will was stronger than ever. Tackling 2012. Registering for my half marathon and signing up with Tough Chik. I can totally do this! I’m taking the opportunity to sign up and show up.

I worked the gym into my routine. I tried longer runs on the treadmill. I worked my new shoes into rotation on my shorter runs. I had some new aches and pains, but nothing as bad as some of the Achilles pains I had in the summer of 2010 when building up my base mileage.  

So I headed out for my 10 miles on Friday full of toughness. I’m pushing. I’m heading up the biggest hill from my house and up the rolling hills on the aptly named, “High Point Rd.” Dude, I got this. 5 miles out I questioned my good sense, but having reached the half way point, I wondered if I should consider another route home. Falling back on the old, “the devil you now is better than the one you don’t” mentality, I headed back down “high point”.

Friday nite. I am physically exhausted. At 9pm I dragged my butt off the couch and into bed. Feeling total and utter physical exhaustion is a new feeling so I just submitted. I rested on Saturday and realized that despite the fashion consequences, I was living in my old sneakers that day cause walking without cushioning didn’t seem like a viable option. 24 hours out from my run and my legs still hadn’t forgiven me. By 36 hours, I finally said to Erik, “Ok, the muscle fatigue is gone.”

But the shin pain in my left leg is not gone. It only hits me when I stand, walk or twist in a certain way. A stabbing pain. It isn’t soreness, it is a pain. I’ve tried not to do the crazy web-searching-self-diagnosing, but it is looking like tendonitis, commonly referred to as “shin splints”. I’m telling myself that it isn’t so bad. To get stronger, you have to push thru the pain, right? So, Sunday afternoon I head out for a short easy run. 3-4 miles was my hope.

I got thru it. Felt ok until I tried to push my stride a bit (just to see what would happen). Pain. I’m feeling it again last nite after that short run.

I’m supposed to do an easy 3 miles today. I’m going to skip it. I’ve done some stretching / strength training this morning and I’m going to go to my first spinning class tonight. That is enough for today.

I get it now. I get why my personal running guru BWB keeps telling me to keep at it, as long as I’m healthy, he always adds. I couldn’t go forever without pain. I’ve got to deal with the body that I’ve got. The body that is still forgiving me for the garbage that I’ve done to it for the past 34 years. Thankfully, it has been pretty gracious to me. I’ll take some shin pain if that is what I need to remind me how far I’ve come. 

Week 6
Miles: 23.89
Time: 5:06:39
Speed: 4.7
Calories: 3,588
Weight:  - 3 lbs but still feeling the holidays...

Since I am Clueless about my new pain,  I’d love some advice from been there, done that, runners. I’m wondering about everything from ice baths to compression socks. Do tell!

I'd Rather Run Outside!: Tough Chik Monday- A Girl Called Eddy

I'd Rather Run Outside!: Tough Chik Monday- A Girl Called Eddy

I am feeling the love this morning!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just Enjoy the Show

After adjusting my Patriots (Brady is my boyfriend) tee shirt - actually, pulling it down so that who ever was standing behind me while I did my plank leg lifts didn't have to see my jiggly tummy - I stood up to look at my training plan. Standing there, I looked up. Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrored wall at the gym.

"Holy cr@p, I'm skinny."

And then a second thought.... "Well, not really skinny, but skinny for me."

When I started this blog back in September 2010, I distinctly remember blogging that I was dysfunctional because despite the weight, I still saw my good looking not-so-fat self in the mirror. Now, here I am, not-so-fat, and I can't see the skinny. That just seems a bit horrible, don't you think? Denial when I was fat, and disbelief when I am fit. I never thought of myself as someone who didn't believe in herself - or see herself as she was - but now, I am not so sure. Is this really me? Who am I now?

Occasionally, I get a glimpse of that new Girl. A moment in a run when I feel invincible. Or I've caught a glimpse of my shadow, and while I chase her I think, "Wow. Who knew?" There are other moments when I feel the pride. And pretty much every day I head out the door, I am running to chase that shadow of a girl that I saw - the glimpse of the potential me. Fear got me off the couch in 2010. I didn't know how much I could do then. I'm getting a better idea of my potential every day, but fear is still the motivator. Fear of sitting back down again. Being benched in my own game.

So, I run. I keep putting myself out there. I keep finding moments, albeit brief, of glory. In case you haven't figured it out yet, it is seriously addicting - the glory part. I'm after it. This morning my moment of glory came with this song on Pandora. I think I'm a new fan. I got a ticket to the show.

On the Calendar

I've done it. Signed up for my first half marathon. I did a late hail mary upon seeing a race that is more local and in April. So, get ready Cottage Grove, I'm coming for ya! I'm psyched up to run this. I will do it alone but it would be much more fun to have some friends to party with at the finish line! Anyone wanna join me? There's plenty of time to get ready!



Parkinson's Half Marathon & 5K

April 21, 2012
Glacial Drumlin State Trailhead
Cottage Grove, Wisconsin


 Come join us for the first annual Parkinson's Half Marathon & 5K in Cottage Grove this spring.
This event promises to provide a racing experience and fundraiser.

The run will be an out and back format on the senic Glacial Drumlin State Trail between 
Cottage Grove and Deerfield.  The trail consists of compacted gravel that is very smooth
 and flat with very little grade.

This event will be chip timed by Race Day Events, LLC

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Anti-Cupcake (Week 5 Training Recap)

If you hadn't noticed I've been messing around with my blog. I've added a couple of pages, moved things around, added some new blogs for good reading (fellow Tough Chiks). I've had plenty of spare time to fiddle. Don't you just love the holidays?!

One of the things I added was a "What Now?" page, and I've been spending lots of time trying to figure out what 2012 will hold for me. I've come across another potential half marathon in April, which is in the running to be my race of choice. I'm likely to register here in the next few days. I am anxious to get that race set on the calendar and work in a couple of shorter distances around that 13.1.

As for training I've moved things around last week due to my 5 miler on Sunday.  Total mileage was 24 as planned, but I moved my 9 miles to earlier in the week. I about did my legs in on the treadmill trying to get my 6 mile tempo run logged on Thursday. I really don't think I will ever like the treadmill. I can handle 4-5 miles but 6 miles at a decent pace was rough for me. Plus, it is the gym, so I'm all hot and sweaty. Yuck. I'll take wind chills and ice over sweat any day of the week.

My nemesis continues to be the scale. I've struggled with my diet over the holidays. Tomorrow I start my food diary / counting calories again. The sugar will be eradicated from the kitchen. No more! I will channel my inner superhero, use running as my anti-cupcake drug of choice, and get these leftovers off this body.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Dash, Baby

It is no secret that I ran the New Years Dash to and from Quaker State & Lube in Middleton, WI this morning. It was a 5 mile race. Race #2 for a girl called Eddy (that'd be me).

My first race was a bit of a let down. I didn't get the amazing euphoria post race. I felt good having completed it, but I was overwhelmed by the number of runners. The number of slow walkers/runners that how somehow gotten themselves into the starting wave in front of me, the dodging of cars, cones, and well, frankly, right when I got my groove on, the race was over. I decided the race was too short.

So I came home and without thinking it thru decided to sign up for 5 miles on January 1 in central Wisconsin. Now, I'm a hardy gal. I've lived in some cold places. Snow doesn't much scare me. There is one thing that does scare me, however, and that would be what we woke up to here in Madison Wisconsin this mornning. ICE and not much of it. Ice isn't terrible when it is crunchy, broken up, or at least coated with some packed snow. But nope, we had "ice fog" yesterday and then, as I cheerfully waved the babysitter good bye and stepped out the front door - our driveway was an ice rink. Just getting to the car was dangerous.

How am I going to run in this?

I just submitted to the ice. Submitted to the 30 mph winds. Submitted to the snow squalls. Submitted to running the 5 miles with the other 465 crazy Wisconsin runners who showed up today. Hard core middle of the winter Wisconsin runners. There was only 1 stroller in this bunch. No walkers from what I could tell. This was a gnarly and fearless group. No worries about me being in the wrong starting wave. I carefully moved towards the middle/back of the starting pack.

Here's the group heading out. Everyone is in good spirits! The pace is good and the tailwinds are kind. That's me, chasing the "Lube" chicken. No worries about ice here - the racing company told us they put 6 bags of salt on the course... I'm pretty sure all 6 were used on the 1/4 mile in and out of the parking lot. If I had known what lay ahead, I wouldn't have been holding back here. I would have gotten up front - cause being towards the back when we hit that ice wasn't pretty.

And I've passed Erik and we're off. About a 1/4 mile further and the entire road was a sheet of ice. The runners that I could see in front - most - were slipping or heading for the grass at the side of the road. I followed those that looked stable. Even the guys with Yak Trax on were struggling. It wasn't pretty. Mile 1 on the books at 11:00 pace.

On the grass I got traction, but I also got in single file. This was a race that turned into elementary school "line leader". The single file line issue only got worse when we turned from the road to the city trail system.

The trail was at parts ok and at other terrible. About a 1.5 miles into the course, we opened back up into road - a dry road. I started booking it. I had to get out from behind the masses. 11 min miles were not going to have me jonzing to do this again. I started to lay it out - tried to be cautious when it looked like I could die.

Right around the 3 mile mark the pack opened up and the runners who didn't hold some in reserve fell back. I thanked the couple who had been my pacers and sped into another gear for the last 2 miles (9:30 pace). I was feeling all sorts of victorious when we turned towards the end with about 1 mile to go - oh no! Back on the city trail and this portion was worse than the rest. Darn ice! Being as cautious as I could, but desiring to just flat out sprint - I weaved back and forth from the pavement to the grass trying not to be the course fatality.

Turning off the city trail and back on the road I was itching to go! But - where did everyone go?! I was pretty much alone on the road and just racing myself. The crazy fasties were long done and I wasn't sure what happened to everyone else. I knew I wasn't last, but I was pretty much alone - in the middle. The smack dab middle! 


Pushing to the end was very gratifying. I had some left in the tank - which is a bit frustrating - but given the surface conditions I am thrilled with my time. 49:24 for 5 miles. I was 27 out of 47 in my division (F 30-35). I was 234 out of 465 participants. But best of all, I beat the baby!

Oh, and as for goals. My only hope this race was to grab some negative splits. So, here they are:
Mile1            10:42





Three Kinds of Plaid

Just a quick plug for my hubs new blog - Three Kinds of Plaid! Hubs is an amazingly special guy with lots of interests and lots of things to say. Should serve for some interesting reading. I'm certainly interested to hear what he has to say!