Monday, December 5, 2011

Points ( Week 1 Training Recap)

Points! I've earned points! Lots and lots of points!

Have you ever noticed how excited we get about points? I had a random Mara ranting in the car the other day after noticing a sign in the local department store about how today you earned "double points". Frequent flier points! Reward points! Get your points here!

Give 'em to me, I gotta have more points! As if the world is out there keeping tally. Like some big cash register in the sky is up there keeping tally, "Mara is doing well! So many points today!"

I think I even have a Petco card, where I get points - like every three years - when I buy my hairy cats (who seem never interested in dying) a new litter box because I can't handle the old one any more. Petco points - what are THEY ever going to do for me? But somewhere deep down in the bowels of my purse there are cards for these places - like Petco, Babies R Us, Red Robin. You name it, I've got a card and I've got points coming out the Wazoo... .

Now., here are some points I could go for:

1. Points for every cookie, cake, cupcake, pizza, hamburger, french fries or yummy adult beverage that I passed up.
2. Points that were immediately converted into a cash. On the spot. Plunk! Right into the wallet.

So, for each cupcake I skipped, I'd earn $5. I think that's fair considering a cupcake these days costs about $5.  Each cocktail would qualify as $10 cash back. Baked brie at the holiday soiree? $8. Just think of the mullah that you'd be making this time of year. Christmas day? You can make a killing. No cookies, no pancakes, no hot chocolate, no mashed potatoes, no stuffing. Everyone else is spending money and you are making it. A nice daydream, eh?

Ok, back on topic. How about those training points I put in the bank this week?

Half Marathon Training Week 1

Running Miles: 21
Cross Training: 1 strength training. 1 cardio boxing workout.

Here are the Garmin stats (all workouts):

Count:6 Activities
Distance:21.98 mi
Time:5:37:56 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:668 ft
Avg Speed:3.9 mph (totally off due to XT however, it is hard to run slow. I'm working on it.)
Avg HR:--
Avg Run Cadence:--
Avg Bike Cadence:--
Calories:3,446 C

And as to the weight? Well, if I am generous with myself (and I am), I will calculate from last Monday's weigh in. However, that starting weight is 5 lbs off my low from August. Folkals, I've been eating bad! But I'm counting my calories once again.

Weight loss this week: 1.5 lbs

Total Weight loss to date: 96.5 lbs

Weight to lose til goal: 17.5 lbs (total goal 115 lbs)

I've changed my goal a bit from the original as stated last week. I want to lose 15 lbs on top of the 100 lbs, so first up, get these pesky holiday lbs off and be back down where I was in August. For that, I will give myself double reward points! Yipee!

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